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    Default CTI April 30-May 7th 2011!!!

    We are going to be part of a group of 12 attending for my Mother's wedding! Looking forward to meeting anyone who may also be joining us during that week! 292 days till toes in the sand with a Dirty Banana in hand!

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    Well we are down to 108 days!!! Getting so excited reading all of the amazing reviews!!! Anyone else going to be there this week with us???

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    Welcome to the family. If you look down from your post to the post called, "New April Amigos' you can add your name to the list. This group was formed just after CTI underwent the renovation. Now we all plan to make it back every April.


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    Ok thanks a bunch! I am a rookie lol

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    My husband and I will be there from the 30th - 7th also. It'a our third time and we can't wait! We are Terra and Chris. Maybe we'll see you around. I'll keep an eye out for the wedding crew!

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    Default first trip

    my girlfreind an i will be there from april 30 thru may 8th our first trip to we are Annetta and Greg
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    Awesome! we posted a pic of us in the "new April Amigos 2011" thread I think its called so you can recognize us!

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    Amanda & Dan will be there 4/30-5/7. We are looking for other couples to take a trip to Nine Mile with us sometime mid-week. If you're not familiar with it definitely check it out. Bob Marley's birth and burial place. I think it's about a 4 hour trip and lunch there is included w/admission.

    58 days till home again......dan&amanda

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    Mike and Christy, we will be there May 3 - 10. This is our first time to Jamaica! Looking very forward to it! Really excited!! We hope to see everyone there!

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