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    Default Trip Advisor comment for CN, grrr

    Did anybody read that comment on Trip advisor about CN? He said he wrote Randy and asked for a whole trip AGAIN for FREE, and he couldnt believe that Randy didnt do it. He didnt even post Randys letter back to him but only posted HIS LETTER. So lets see, they ate the food, drank the drinks... HMM but let me have a full refund and try the place again? ARE YOU SERIOUS? I feel bad because people will read this and have doubt and people should know CN rocks and so does Randy! Just made me upset.

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    best part was the poster waited a year before posting that review. traveled in March 2010 and just now posting? hmmm
    it's all about the kids

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    ... must be time for their annual vacation again. And I am sure that they expect the airline to also give them a free ride since they were out of peanuts on their flight...

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    I stopped reading and posting to TA a couple of years ago. Too many plants, liars, and fakes.

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    It's honestly too bad each reviewer on TA doesn't have a detailed profile that defines who they are. I guess it's just a fact of life that some people will never be satisfied with whatever the attempt is to please them. I believe this is a case in point. Even if Randy granted his wish it wouldn't be enough, there would still be the inevitable, downstream whining. And that is just what his complaints are...whining. Too hot, too cold, too much, not enough...blah, blah, blah. Sakes alive man, you are in PARADISE, stop and look around! Where are you from D.C.? I hear that place is really lovely in late winter...NOT.

    None the less, albeit a useful tool, you can't put all your eggs in the TA basket. If everyone put all of their blind trust in TA, no one would ever leave home.

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    or want their cab fare comp'd from MoBay to CN because the "road is too winding!" ewah ewah ewah.....

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    No wonder the guy's wife was ready to go home, having been stuck on vacation for a few days with a husband who is a complete jack@ss and incapable of making the best of a situation.

    Expecting a free second vacation? That takes a lot of nerve and then to post it a year later proves he meets my description. And where does he get off claiming Couples should prove to him that it is a 5-star resort when it never claimed to be.

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    I read that review as well. I truly can not beleive the nerve of people. From what I read this was nothing more then a long list of silly little complaints and some to be honest don't ring quite true to me.

    First of all, anyone that has been to CN knows that the bedspread (yellow in color) is way to heavy to put up over the windows. Personally I love the bedspread, it is so nice to snuggle under.

    Second, 2 1/5 hours for a gourmet meal is not bad. I think some of us Americans have gotten so use to a rushed, fast food dinner that to sit and really savory your food and your company is a lost art.

    Third, I think that had the maintenace (sp) man not asked them to stay in the room while he went to get the part he needed, then they would have been complaining that something was stolen.

    I do think is someone looking for a free ride and to be honest I did not give it a whole lot of creedence. I think that anyone who reads it will also take it for what it sounds like a big whine.

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    If you were that upset with the resort, why would you want to go back? That speaks volumes in my book. It will speak volumes to any intelligent reader as well.

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    This post sparked my interest so I had to search for the review myself. WOW! It really didn't sound like their vacation was that bad especially not worthy of a free vacation. Most people that disliked their trip so much seek a refund not just another vacation to have "Couples prove they are a great resort group." Sounds like they just want something for free. Hopefully Couples will respond to that review (as they sometimes do) to set the record straight as a lot of people read those reviews, I know I do.

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    A couple discrepancies in this "letter" makes it subject to falsehood (oh the joys of anonymity.
    First, I was unaware that a travel agent could make a reservation at Otaheite before the vacation. I was always under the assumption that reservations could only be made once at the resort.
    Second, the server yelled "service" continuously in the time it takes to put clothes on? Like this: service, service, service, service, service, service, service, service, service, service, service!? That's quite reaching if you ask me.
    Finally, I love how he doesn't expect a refund, but does expect a new vacation for the exact same nights, and then has the audacity to demand a response in 15 days????

    What irritates me the most is that this "complaint" was posted a year later. Why? Sounds deeply fishy to me.
    My wife and I visited Sandals Negril about the same time, and completely fell in love with the resort, and the people of Jamaica. We experienced nothing like what was "reviewed".

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    There's a new post for CSA where the poster had jewelry stolen from their luggage, but didn't notice until they got home. Instead of the obvious suspects at the airports (they even had a layover), they automatically assume someone at the resort stole the items after their bags were picked up from their room on their last day at the resort. Apparently someone had admired the guy's watch, so obviously that's why it was stolen.

    There have been many recent news stories about thefts at the airports. This has always been an issue. Why anyone would be stupid enough to put expensive jewelry in any luggage is beyond me. Either keep it on your person or don't bring it at all. Especially since if your luggage is lost, the airlines have no liability to cover lost jewelry unless you have purchased additional insurance specifically covering the jewelry.

    It makes me upset that people can post things like that on TA.

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    Ha ha! Wow, that's priceless. A week free? Sounds like he couldn't be satisfied. I thought the response was just about right.

    I think some people actually think things are going to be perfect at Couples. Nothings perfect. In four trips whenever there has been any issue, management pretty much falls over themselves trying to help. Just let them know. Respectfully of course.
    I once had a VP (no names mentioned) drive me into town to get me something I'd requested. "Mr S. I hear you lacked something, wanna take a ride"?
    Another time, Our housekeeper scolded me (in a nice way) when I left the safe open....again.
    I was struggling once at CSS bringing all our stuff to the beach when one of the rec girls came running up and lightened my load. It was funny, she wouldn't take no for an answer. I was too proud to have a girl help me, but was glad she did LOL.
    This is why Teresa and I will be taking our 5th Couples trip in Sept! And making new friends both with fellow guests and with Couples staff.

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    He also gave Randy a promotion; referring to him as "President". Congrats to Randy! lol

    Sounds like we'll have one less person taking up space from the rest of us. Thank goodness.


    Gary Stephens has posted a response on TA with this review. He including the letter that was sent to the reviewer after he first lodged his complaints.
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    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    My ice cream was too cold!!!

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    Randymon, if I compile a list of petty complaints, can I have a free vacation too?
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    It rained while I was at CSA last month on 2 separate occasions. This is unacceptable to me. I can never get that time back! I demand a free 2 week stay at CSA in 2012. I know we only paid for a week in 2011, but I hardly think I am being unreasonable given the inconvenience the weather caused.

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    Just looked at the letter he sent, glad he sent something. Hey Couples might not be for everybody but I dont go out there and trash where THEY like. Just let it go and dont go back is how I feel. The couple that wrote about stolen stuff I cannot believe also. Umm learn how to travel its your own fault to bring that $$ on a trip out of country or keep it in your purse. They are stupid, and cannot prove anything so why would they write couples to see what they think or ask for money back. That is crazy too. HAHAHA.

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    Letter made me laugh...because of everything ya'll said and also because it was posted a year later. What concerns me are other petty folks that would actually give credence to this knucklehead's opinions.

    Oh...Randymon, I gain a good 5-10 pounds on each of my trips to Couples. I think it's only reasonable that you pay for personal training and a personal chef to help me get this weight off. Because I am not responsible for my own behavior and are.

    LOVE YOU COUPLES!!!!!! 3 months to go until we're in your hands again.

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    Oh the stolen stuff one was hilarious. Who in their right mind puts jewelry in luggage!? At least cart it in your purse or carryon....I have no pity for stupidity, I would venture to guess it was lifted at the airport not at couples.

    I too would like a free stay as last year we had to endure a night in a middle garden suite due to overbooking.....when we booked a ocean
    Erika & Sean

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    LOL - these replies having me laughing.

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    Gary has already posted a pretty good response.

    Bruce and Kelli
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CSA 2014; JRB 2015; CSS 2017

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    There is one on there for CTI that tries to blame "Everald" for their cell phone coming up missing. Yea, right.

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    I sent the complainers an e-mail on trip advisor!! They are unreal!!

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    I think the water is too blue

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