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    and the sun is too sunny

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    and the beach too sandy

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    OMgosh, I got a sunburn when I was there last! I demand a free week!

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    Default what a joke!

    people have a lot of nerve. when we read it we thought it had to be a joke...nope just total lack of personality and lack of creativity in trying to steal a free vacation. what a goober!

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    In two different reviews of CTI on TA, one person complained the pools were too square, and the other complained the hotel faced the wrong direction to see the sun set...

    I'm quite thankful I'll never have to vacation with them.

    Bruce and Kelli
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CSA 2014; JRB 2015; CSS 2017

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    Hmm, maybe they need to pay for babysitting now cause LOVE was iN the air and 9 months later BAMMM LOL

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