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    Default CTI Wedding in October 2011

    Hello! I just booked my wedding at CTI on october 22 2011! I'm so excited! I got my dress this week and LOVE it. Now I'm looking at jewlery and shoes (I know, I still have forever to wait). I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions? Right now I'm booked for an 11am ceremony and not sure on location or anything else yet. Except I'm also going to get my hair done and make up at the resort. Also wondering if anyone else wants to get to know me if your visiting when I am (oct 17-27)

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    Dave and Jessica,
    Congrats on your upcoming wedding!! I am also in the process of booking my wedding at CTI the next weekend. We will be showing up there on the evening of the 26th. If you find out any advice along the way let me know

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    Congrats on the upcoming wedding! We were married at COR Sept 2006 and returning for our 5 year anniversary October 5-15.

    My suggestion: relax and enjoy the day and experience! We were married around 1, and we took the morning to lay out and enjoy a few Miami Vices before I headed off to get my hair done.

    Also, I highly recommend the resort photographer. They do an amazing job!

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    LoveParadise: I'll definitely pass on advice! Its to bad we'll only be at the resort really for one day when your there! Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

    Sweetlastname: Thanks for the suggestion of the resort photographer. Thats what we're planning on doing. I don't see a need to go outside of the resort for a photographer from what I've seen of the photos. So excited! And yeah, so planning on relaxing and enjoying the day. I was married before and had the more traditional wedding...I was so stressed that after the ceremony I just about got sick! LOL NOT this time!

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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Our wedding took place on the beach at CTI in mid January and it was perfect! Fenella from the spa at the resort did my hair & nails & she did a great job. Booking the Videographer is a really good investment as well. If you have any questions, feel free to look us up on Facebook at GordandCarrieDrinkwalter.

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    We got married on Oct. 24, 2007 in COR. It was heavenly. We did 10 or 11 and that was perfect! If it rains, it is usually in the afternoon. We got married on the beach. Latoya, the wedding coordinator, is awesome. She makes your day very stress free. I got my hair done at the resort and it looked amazing. We also used the resort photographers and the pics were great! Congratulations and welcome to having a beautiful, relaxing wedding!

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    ellimae- Thanks! I looked up GordandCarrieDrinkwalter and couldn't find you on facebook, I tried it with spaces to but no luck :-( Could you maybe either looke me up (Jessica Peltzer) or email me? ? thanks!

    I had read that rains are usualy in the afternoon. Hopefully 11am will work...if not well hopefully we can push it back a bit *fingers crossed* I am excited to get my hair and make up done at the resort (I'm horrible when left to do it myself!) Hopefully I can get a friend to try some hair styles with me ahead of time and take some pictures for the stylist.

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