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    Default Airport Security and Areosol Cans

    Has anyone brought the suncreen in aerosol cans with them in their luggage. I have a preference for the Nutrogena suncreen that comes in a can but I am worried that airport security wont let me bring it in my checked bag. Has anyone had any experiance with this with airport security. Just in case you were wondering I wanted to bring 2 aerosol cans in my checked luggage and two cans in my boyfriend's checked luggage.

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    that's the only kind of sunscreen we bring! I usually pack about 6 areosol cans in my luggage (hubby likes SPF 30 the first few days). We've never had any problems with them in the checked luggage.

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    We actually packed all 4 large sunscreen aerosol cans in one checked baggage, hairspray too and it was fine, you just cant have it in your carry on.

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    Good Question! I hope someone answers! I just bought 2 aerosol cans for our trip in May, I didn't even think about it being a problem in our checked bags!

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    Default aerosol cans

    not supposed to bring aerosol onto plane but I have never had an issue w/ customs or security 13 times to Jamaica. if they find it, play dumb.

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    We took two cans of it last year and had no problems. They are to big ounce wise to take on the carry-on , but we did't have any problem putting them in our checked bags.

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    We always bring them but put them in our checked luggage. Never had a problem. I wouldn't recommend putting them in your carry on. Have fun!

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    I always carry hair mousse in an aerosol can in my checked baggage. I fly almost every week for work, and there has never been an issue with TSA. Do keep any aerosol cans in a plastic bag, though. I did have a can of mousse release all of its contents one time - what a mess! The change in pressurization can sometimes cause that.

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    We bring sunscreen in the aerosol cans. No problem with packing it in the checked luggage.

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    We took 2 cans of it, along with an aerosol can of bug spray in our checked back to CSA in September and didn't have a problem at all.

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    We always put it in our checked bags, inside of gallon ziplocks. I put all liquids and toiletries inside gallon ziplocks and bring a few extra that are empty. Something leaks every single time and the ziplock keeps it from getting on the clothing and everything else. Nobody has ever bothered the aerosol cans or said anything.

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    Default Spray Sunscreen

    we have taken it 3 times in the last 2 years and have never had an issue

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    I have. No problems.

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    Airport security signs state that aerosols must be packed in checked luggage.
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    I brought about 50 cans of aerosol sunblock. (At least it seemed that way!) I put them inside big baggies in case something happened with the air pressure. Nothing did. They were fine and nobody ever said anything about it!

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    No problem with checked bags, but as others have stated, use a plastic bag. We did have a can of shaving foam leak one year and sunscreen last year. Lucky it was in a bag, but still a mess.

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    thank goodness for this messageboard because I was going back and forth on what to bring. But I think I am going to bring both, while in the room I can use the spray can then while on the beach I can you use the cream. I know someone had mentioned before that it can get a bit breezy on the beach and applying a spray sunscreen might prove a bit diffcult if the wind is constantly blowing.

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    Silly question, perhaps... can you get it in a pump?

    I'm generally opposed to aerosols, myself... but they are permissible in CHECKED bags, NOT carryons.

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    A word to the wise about aerosol sunscreens, be careful when applying them in your room. The overspray leaves an oily residue on the tile floors that is a real slip and fall hazard. There's usually a floormat or you can stand on an old towel while you spray yourself. The maid will also thank you, as they have a heck of a time getting that oily stuff off the floor.
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    Chris ~ I don't know if it is still available, but a couple years ago I bought a pump spray. Worked pretty well except when my hands were oily and it was hard to hold the bottle and pump at the same time without it falling out of my hands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cubismo View Post
    A word to the wise about aerosol sunscreens....
    Dude! You are so right. We used it a couple of years ago and had an ice rink by the verandah doors. We have since gone back to lotion in bottles or tubes. I found the aerosol to be used up way too fast and pushed the cost per application to be way too expensive. We have made it a daily routine when at CSA to rub lotion on each other before breakfast. Kinda fun.

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