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    Default spa and resort credit?

    ok... two questions...

    1. is there a listing for spa prices anywhere?

    2. are there offers for resort credits out there?... I read different people talking about them... how do you get resort credit?


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    Yes, book a trip for 2012 now!
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    Click on this link and then click on the brochure. Some of the prices are in there, but the spa posts specials all the time. If you go over to the spa, you will see them listed. :O)

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    I've never paid attention to see if each resort has different spa prices and offerings but this is from the CSA page. If you are going somewhere else go to that resorts web page and scroll to spa.

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    The resort credits were part of early booking bonuses. Right now there is a special if you book for 2012. You will receive $300 resort credit if you book now.
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    We booked our January 2012 trip on Tuesday, March 1st (first timers to Couples) and instantly received a $300 resort credit! If you know you are it now, the deposit is minimal and you have options for rooms rather than having to take "what's left" if you wait. Not to mention the credit itself.

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