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    My fiance and I are trying to make the final decision about our honeymoon destination this week. Couple quick questions

    1- I know that June will be the rainy season and since we live on the gulf we do understand that hurricane season is unpredictable, but will the weather be nice enough in June to enjoy the beach and activities?

    2- We are choosing b/w CSA and a resort in St Lucia that includes spa treatments in the price. The St Lucia resort is a little over a grand more. How are the spa treatments at CSA and how much do they cost on average??

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    We go in June and the last time we went it rained ONE time and it was actually nice cause it cooled off the place for a bit, but we went back to room took a nap ( wink) and then BACK on beach cause the sun came right back out. It only rained once.

    If you go to CSA page look down on left and there will be a spa tag and it has a menu of their prices. I got a mani/pedi which was nice and massage. Very relaxing but to be honest I just wanted to be out in beach. I am getting my hair done this time cause I am getting married so will let ya know I think that is costing me 50 bucks to have them style it for my wedding. You picked a great resort! Its so laid back and relaxing!

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