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    My fiance and I are getting married at CTI on 5/28/2011. So far we have 14 rooms booked,including us, with the possibility of adding a few more. I was wondering if the resort will offer us a room upgrade for booking that many rooms? We currently have a Superior Ocean view booked. If an upgrade was offered what type of room should we expect?

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    Wow that is a good question. Did you try emailing Debbie and asking her that. would love to know the answer. I know alot of other hotel chains offer upgrades for the bride and groom but I have never read about any brides and grooms getting upgrades at Couples.

    Let us know if its possible

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    They don't give upgrades for booking multiple rooms unless you are the highest level of the Romance Rewards Program. If they have an overbooking situation they offer the upgrades to those people first and if they don't want them they will offer them to others.

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    Here is the policy on group bookings:

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