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    How long did it take for you to hear from Debbie Hall when you sent all your documents? What did you get from her to know everything was ok and it was sent to Jamaica?

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    I got an email from Ryan confirming receipt and saying it was being sent to the wedding coordinator in Jamaica for processing. It didn't take long to get a confirmation, but I live only a few hours from Miramar so your shipping time may vary from mine. I emailed him today (about a month after his confirmation) to ask what kind of confirmation I may get from Jamaica, if any. Hope this helps!

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    thanks for the info kayjo30 let us know if you got any type of confirmation from jamaica!

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    Hey, I just got that letter from Ryan also today. Let me know if you find out from Ryan what kind of confirmation from the Jamaican resort we should get if any, or just guess that its all ok? Hate to assume and would rather know they have all they need.

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    I still haven't gotten a response from Ryan. I'm sure everything will be processed ok, I did send it all in earlier than necessary

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    Kayjo30 how earlier did you send your paperwork. I was thinking of doing the samething.

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    Around 60 days before my wedding. I think 30 days prior is all that is required. But I'm a planner, No way I could wait til 30 days. I only have 25 days til we leave!

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    Im glad there is a post about this...i just sent my documents last week. And I was wondering what type of confirmation they give you! I would hate to get to close to the trip and then find out something went wrong or got lost!

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    Hey Girls! I am 81 days out from our wedding and I did get my email saying they processed it and it was all sent to Jamaica. I called Debbie myself and she said it was all ok when they say they processed it and once it goes to Jamaica then its all good, and we wont get anything else, they will handle the rest. It took about 5 days once it was confirmed in office they got it. Looks by schedule there are ALOT of weddings and I saw they cut back how many weddings they do a day now. Only 4 a day. Used to be 7.At least that is what it looks like on schedule.

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