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    Default I need your recommendations, ladies

    Hi everyone,
    I'm not really a big fan of massages so I'm wondering about other treatments at the spa. We'll be at CN in April and I'm looking for ways to spend our resort credit. Some at the gift shop,of course, and probably the rest at the spa. We're not interested in the private beach dinner.
    What are some treatments you ladies would about the seaweed wrap, or body scrubs or facials?
    Do they have daily spa specials at CN?


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    peppermint sea twists are the bomb!!!!!!

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    I always get the manicure and pedicure - it lasts so much longer than doing it myself!

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    I am not one for massages either and my skin is very sensitive so I didn't have any treatments. I did however have a manicure and loved it. My sister had a pedicure and two facials. She really enjoyed the facials. Just to let you know she did say that during the facial they did massage her arms, neck, and shoulder area.

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    We haven't been to CN yet, but at CSA and CTI we just had couples massages. Oh, and a pre-wedding mani-pedi at CSA. That was nice. But at CSS we had a hot stone massage and then another with a seaweed wrap (couples). Like you, we used resort credit (actually, we went over). The hot stone massage was quite different to a regular massage. I don't like too much pressure, but the heat felt nice. The seaweed wrap was also very nice, moreso I think since we had a fabulous setting in a spa hut on the cliffs at CSS. I think the "baking" part of the wrap and just relaxing there together, listening to the birds roosting in the trees was the best part. Afterwards we had smoothies... Can I go back now and do it again, please? lol

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    I've had facials, bamboo massage, and the scalp massage at CSA. Bob even got his haircut at CSA using the resort credit. The body wraps are nice, but they are warm. You can also use your resort credit to buy wine from the special wine list or for laundry service. We used the laundry service half way through our trip - it was great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by longingforhome View Post
    peppermint sea twists are the bomb!!!!!!
    Not if you're claustrophobic. I had a panic attack on the table!

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    Decisions, decisions....

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    I had the claustrophobic issue at first, especially when they place a wash cloth over my eyes. Just told myself to relax and after about 5 minutes, started enjoying it. A word of advice, if tend to be a little claustrophobic do not get a wrap and a facial with the plaster type mask back to back. That was a little to much for me

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    I had a body scrub and wowsee, it felt great. But if you are the sensitive type, I wouldn't recommend it. When they say scrub, they mean SCRUB. I don't mind heavy pressure so it was wonderful for me. And they aren't shy about where they are scrubbing, not like American spas. LOVED IT!

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    I love a massage but if it's not your thing my second choice would be a mani/ awesome to spend the trip with your tips and toes all fresh and fancy. You could probably get it done twice for the amount of resort credit you'll have to spend, that way if the sand scuffs up your polish you can get it touched up midway through the trip or close to the end and go home feeling fancy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobandJudy View Post
    ...The body wraps are nice, but they are warm.
    Good point. When we were there in Jan. the weather wasn't all that hot and sunny, so it was ok. But if it had been really hot and sunny we either wouldn't have gone for it, or scheduled early morning or late in the day. Probably not great to be all wrapped up in the middle of a super hot sunny day! Yikes!

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    The peppermint wrap is AMAZING!

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    At CN, I always get a pedicure late in the afternoon the day before we come back home so I have pretty feet to go with my tan ..... It lasts way longer than my tan.

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    At CTI, I had the body scrub followed by the peppermint seaweed wrap, but I was chilly, not warm at all. Then the day before we left, I had the four layer facial. All were amazing. The hardest part about using spa services is the time away from the beach.

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    Yes, I was thinking all this time at the spa was going to really cut into my beach time
    Thanks for all your ideas ladies, now I just have to decide.

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    I don't like alot of pressure either. I'm very sensitive. But they will use any amount of pressure you like! Love the aromatheraphy oils!! Smell great!! And not to mention they feel GREAT too!!!

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