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    Default Going to CSS for first time in February

    And my wife has no idea. It's our five year anniversary, and I want to surprise her. We chose the Penthouse, just wondering, does anybody have any pics of the ocean from the Balcony of those? It seems they pamper everyone while there. We've never been farther than 200 miles from home (except to visit relatives, and that doesn't count), so this will be our first true vacation. I love reading what everyone has wrote. Hopefully this will be our first of many. Sadly only for three nights. One last question, if we sign up for the Romance Rewards, do we have to book through Couples, or can we book through a site and still get the rewards?

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    Since you are first time visitors, you can sign up for Romance Rewards now but you won't actually get the repeat visitor's benefits until your next trip to a Couples resort. Have no fear though, because you WILL make another trip. They will treat you like royalty at CSS. Be sure to have dinner at Bella Vista with the gentle waves lapping at your toes.

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    WOW a surprise CSS trip! You will get brownie points with the wife to last a LONG time for this. You can sign up for romance rewards on this web site no matter who you book through and start building those points. Have a great trip you will LOVE CSS. Here are some pictures for you:
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    Thank you for your feedback.

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    Do you know if the Penthouse suites have jacuzzi tubs, or just showers? also, I noticed that Tower Isle has mini-bars stocked with champaigne. Is that just at CTI, or can we expect it at CSS as well.
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    Default CSS room numbers for 1 bedroom ocean front area?

    Greetings from Canada!
    Thanks for your great pictures of CSS. We are going the end of Aug. to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. I have booked a one bedroom ocean front - and it looks like that is where you might have stayed? Any room area/number suggestions? Did you get a corner unit? We can hardly wait!

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