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    Default CN In Room Dining Menu

    Hi everyone,
    sorry if it's been posted before, but where can I get an idea of the menu for in room dining?


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    If you are talking about breakfast it is pastries, fruit, cereal, yogurt, coffee, tea, milk, juice.

    If you are talking about the dinner meal that can be served if you are staying in a suite, then I don't have an answer for you. We've never stayed in a suite, we love the basic room and have never felt the need to spend the extra money. We are hardly in our room at all as the beach calls to us all day long.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Hi Coloradojuli,

    Actually I am talking about the dinner meal served in the suite. We are honeymooning so we plan to spend a decent amount of time in there

    Does anyone have any info on this menu?

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    I believe that the in room dining menu is the same as any of the private dinners but I am not 100% sure. What you can do is call the 800# and I believe ask to speak to the romance officer and they will be better able to clarify. One thing for sure at CN you must be staying in a suite.
    Enjoy, One love or two

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