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Thread: atrium rooms???

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    Warning... if you find yourselves in an Atrium Suite neighboring up with SonoftheBeach, ask to be moved... to Couples Negril, if necessary.

    Just kidding bro... see you in a few weeks!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Quote Originally Posted by redinthehead View Post
    I miss that hammock so much.... 83 day feels like a life time.
    My wife enjoys the hammocks so much I had to get her one for Christmas. Boy did that take a lot of research!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by breccad View Post
    Amoricksen - Were you still surrounded by the tropical vibe even though you had a partial ocean view from your room or did that take away some of your privacy? We're going back for our 5 year anniversary in about a month and have requested the second floor atrium rooms. We had a BFVS on our honeymoon, but read about how delightful the Atrium rooms are. We do want the partial ocean view though, but without losing the atrium vibe. Does that make sense?

    "PS, we could see the ocean from our room, at a distance. It was perfect for us, 50 paces and we were on the beach.

    Hi Breccad, yes we still felt surrounded by the tropical vibe, but we were next to the garden area where the gazebo is so we weren't surrounded by trees etc. There was some traffic by our room, but to be honest, we very rarely noticed it. I would book that room again tomorrow.

    I think with a second floor Atrium room in our section, you would have more privacy than we would have had, but I honestly didnt feel a lack of privacy at all. We absolutely loved it and intend to go back in May for our honeymoon ;-)

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    Wait... they have TVs at CSA?

    We've always stayed in an Atrium and always will. The hammock on the porch is a great spot to have "first" breakfast, to wait out a quick afternoon rain shower or to enjoy the sounds of the tree frogs in the evening.

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    Spiff542, awesome gift!!!! Where did you find one?

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    We just got back from CSA on Monday! I was soooooo glad that I did my homework before I booked and ended up picking the atrium suites, they were so amazing! If you want a view of the ocean from the room this is not the room for you but it had so much more to offer that it was so worth it! The best part of the room was the hammock! We used that so much and my boyfriend was so thankful that we got a room with a hammock instead of a room with a tv. The open air was the second best part because you could hear the wonderful noises of nature and also feel nice a comfortable with the air conditioning on. Its a win win

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    That looks like the same exact one! where did you find it? haha

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    We'll see if this post makes it. I don't know how Couple's will feel about me spilling the beans!

    The hammocks are made by a company named Nicamaka. The one I bought is HERE.

    One thing... It does not appear that this company does much retail at all. They seem to be geared to providing (very high quality) hammocks, among other things, in quantity to the hospitality industry. The website is the only way I know to order. You will get zero communication from the company, if your experience is anything like mine.

    None of the phone numbers listed on the site were working at all. They would not answer a single email from me. This past Christmas, I really wanted to get the hammock for my wife, because she enjoys them so much at CSA. I just had to use the website shopping cart and hope for the best. There was no email confirmation, no order acknowledgement, and no tracking number. When you click "submit order" you will wait for two weeks in a vacuum and hope it shows up. If you are like me, you will become convinced that you gave your credit card info to criminals.

    As you can see, for me it worked out quite well. Despite the fact it seemed as if I had sent my credit card info out into a void, the hammock did arrive, my card was charged only for what I had ordered, and the hammock is just as awesome as we remember!

    My wife was the one that chose for us to hang it indoors. At first I thought that was a totally insane plan, but now I see it for the brilliant idea that it was. We love it!

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