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    My wife and I are planning our 1st Couples trip for January 2012. Does Couples offer a photo package (other than wedding) for guests? When we were at Sandals last year they have photographers with high end cameras taking guest photos randomly throughout the day and evening, obviously to generate revenue of course. Albeit expensive, we decided the first day to go for the unlimited photo package that goes onto a CD. We appreciate the idea of the resort randomly taking pictures rather than us having to constantly inconvenience other guests. Plus, we think the photos generally are of much higher quality, not to mention we don't have to drag our good camera all the way to Jamaica. Thanks in advance...we can't wait for January!!!

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    The resort has photographers that will set up photo sessions with you if you want where they'll take you to areas of the resort and put a nice layout together. But they also wander the resort taking photos that you can purchase from the photo desk.

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    Thanks for the reply! Any guesses on what the price ranges might be?

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    When we had a private dinner scheduled while we were outside waiting some photographer asked if we wanted our picture taking during sunset and it was one of the best pictures we have ever taken. I think it was 8 bucks a pic or there was a package but do not remember how much.

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    Anyone have examples? I would like to get a few good shots of myself and my husband but being a photographer myself I can be quite picky.

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    besides being able to set up a time to do a photo session, there is someone wondering around the resort taking guests can then go to the photo desk and look through the ones of yourselves and purchase individual pictures that were taken of you.....the cost per photo though, if you choose to buy any, i am unaware of....this atleast was the case when my fiance and i were there 2 years ago...we purchased a picture that was taken of us while on the beach, and another photo that was taken of us on new years eve....

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    There is no cost to set up a photo session. The amount you'll pay will depend on the number of photos you purchase. As they'll tell you, the more you buy the bigger the discount. So with that we can't give you a range.

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    When we were at Sandals, the cost to get the CD and unlimited photos was about $350, and ours was not a "wedding plan", I'm sure those can be much more expensive. I would guess Couples is the same or even less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by photochick5 View Post
    Anyone have examples? I would like to get a few good shots of myself and my husband but being a photographer myself I can be quite picky.
    Same here. They are not very impressive, more like a posed snapshot. Some of the photographers are better than others though. The good news is that if you get them on cd you can edit them yourself. They don't do any editing at all so the white balance is all messed up they are crooked half the time. Not artistically crooked though, just accidentally crooked.

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