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    Default Differences in Photography ($600 & $650)

    Hi, I'm extremely confused about the photo packages being offered. I cannot understand why the cost of the package comprising 36 Photos and DVD is $600 whereas, the Deluxe pack, which comprises of 35 Photos and DVD is $650? Why the difference in price when you get one extra photo in the cheaper package and you receive a CD and album in all packages?

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    I think the Deluxe includes a videography package. Well that is my understanding. My wedding is in May and I am going for the Deluxe photography & videographer package at $650.

    Hope you find the answer.

    Best of luck

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    I remember looking at this before and finding the difference but I can't find the list of packages anymore. I think it was something like one included video and one did not or something like that.

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    I found it! The one that costs more includes enlarged prints as well as digital copies of the images whereas the other one only includes the digital copies and 4x6 sized prints.

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    Okay, great! Thanks a lot.

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    Where are you guys seeing these packages? On the couples website under the enhancements I only see packages that range from 1000 and up.

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    If you go under A bit pricey for a the small amount you get out of the packages.

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    We received a CD with 110 images while we anxiously await our leather bound album. The cost was $1500. We also received an 8 x 10 of one image. It may be worth it to wait until you get to your resort to make the final decision.

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    We hired Diana Campbell for our wedding 11/30/13... We get the entire morning from getting ready through the wedding photographed and video recorded. She will give us all our pictures on DVD to copy at will, a DVD slide show to music and DVD video of our special day for $1500. Very nice lady!

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    After paying for our dream wedding we are certainly not going to fork over that kind of money for pictures. We are taking a risk and will take our own pictures and will find another guest to take some pictures during the ceremony. I am bringing a couple of tripods just in case.

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    We received 110 images on CD, an 8x10 print of one image, and a gorgeous hard cover 12x12 book containing all 110 images plus one of the images on the front cover and another on the back cover. The cost was just under $800.
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    For those of you who used the resort photographer........Did you tip them since they are resort employees? If you did, how much???

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