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    Default Split!

    We are thinking about a split stay between CTI and CSS. Habby isn't convinced. How much of a hassle is it to switch resorts mid-vacation? Is it worth is? Would you do it again?


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    we are spending our first 7 days at CSA and getting married and then going to Towers for 4 days. We plan to trade at each so we can sample all 4 resorts:0)

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    We've done it between those two resorts and enjoyed doing the split. We had previously been to one resort so knew we'd love it and started with the resort we hadn't been to, thinking we could look forward to the second part of our Couples stay at the other resort. It worked out just that way and wasn't a hassle. They took us between the two resorts when we were ready to go. Our only regret was trying to split a week. We've found doing a split better when you have at least 10 days. That way you've about seen all there is to see when you go to the other resort and it's a whole new vacation.


    Bart & Bug

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    Go for it

    No hassle at all, we've done split stays at CTI/CSS & also CSS/CN.

    On change over day, we get up, leave our suitcases outside our room, enjoy our remaining time at the resort & then hop on the van to the next hotel - simple

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    Default How long?

    How long are you staying? Having done a split before I would definately say that it depends on the length of your time in Jamaica.

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    We are doing it this year for the first time in July 2011. We are doing CN July 13-16 then CSS July 16-23. From what I understand if you get up fairly early you don't miss much time. We may take Airlink or Timair between the two resorts as a surprise for Susan and a way to cut time. I agree that 10 days at least is a must. Let you know how it works out...

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    We just did a split between CTI and CSS this past Dec/Jan. We had a week at each. It worked out great for us. Since those two resorts are so close the transfer was easy. You can switch pretty much whenever. We switched after horseback riding in the morning, (we wouldn’t have left that until the last day, but I was sick the day we were supposed to go), ironically on the next horseback riding bus. It was a very easy check-out at CTI and check-in at CSS, as we were the only ones. It was nice to explore a new resort. I am also glad we did them in that order... CTI first, then CSS. We found CSS more relaxing (although we enjoyed both resorts very much for their own very different personalities).
    I personally wouldn't do it for less than a week at each though. The only down side was having to pack up in the middle, but it was no big deal, and unpacking seemed very easy the second time. It was very different packing to having to go home, and we didn’t have to worry about carry-on vs. checked bags. We just had to worry about not wrinkling stuff.
    Would we do it again? Yes, I think next time we’ll probably do a split and go back to CSA after trying CN first. Then we’ll have done all four.

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    We have split our vacation each time we travel to Couples. Recently we stayed 7 days at CSS and 6 at CN. We used the resort transportation and it was a two hours forty five minute ride on Sunday morning. On a previous visit we chartered an airplane (TimAir) and it was one hour thirty minutes door to door. The plane ride was fun once but for the cost was not worth the time saved on repeat transfers.

    We like splitting visits because it is fun to try the different restaurants. With at least 4 days at each resort you never have to repeat a restaurant-factoring in the beach parties and repeaters dinners.

    We would highly recommend splitting resorts--even across the island. You cannot go wrong with Couples Resorts. Enjoy!!

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    We're still trying to decide. We really loved CSS, but thought it would be fun to get a taste of CTI. You know, a little more than you get with Trading Places? We booked our trip last year with Costco and they can't do a split stay, so we'd have to do it ourselves. I guess we'll see what happens...

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    You'll find that each Couples Resort has its own personality. Both CSS and CTI are great resorts...each in their own way.

    CTI is smaller, more compact with great staff and excursions (i.e. horseback riding, catamaran cruise) while CSS is larger, more romantic with great staff also but also room to roam and explore.

    We agree with "jamaicamecrazy" in that going from CTI to CSS on a split-stay is the way to go. After you've enjoyed all that CTI has to offer it's nice to go to CSS and really relax before that dreaded day when you have to go home. If CSS is calling to you then going to CTI before CSS would really make the second part of the vacation special.

    Good luck with whatever decision you make. One thing you can be sure of is that whichever Couples resort you're gonna love it!!

    Bart & Bug

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    Default Split stay

    A split is great, but only if you're on an extended stay. My hubby and I did a Trading Places visit to CTI during our 9-day stay at CSS. For us, it was just too small/too little to do. We were glad to head back to CSS that day... If you're looking for more grounds to explore/lush vegetation, I would stick with your plan of spending the majority of your split at CSS. It's an easy trip to switch(literally up the street ) and you'll get to appreciate both resorts during your trip.

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