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    Default Packers fans coming May 7 ! Anyone else from WI?

    We just booked at the spur-of-the moment for CTI May 7-12. We are big fans of the Superbowl Champion Green Bay Packers! Anyone else from WI going to be there then? This is only our 2nd trip to Couples - we were at CN 3 yrs ago. Wanted to try a different resort. Would be fun to meet up with fellow fans! Judi and Jim

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    Hi Judi and Jim. We are Adolph and Sue from Wisconsin. We'll be at CTI March 5-12. There is another group of 10 Packer fans that are coming next week. You'll be in good company!

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    Fellow cheese head fan here and ready for paradise Mar 9th.

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    Great! We'll be looking forward to meeting everyone! We'll be in the Packers caps at the swim-up bar! Judi and Jim

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