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    Default how much do we tip?

    Hi everyone!
    We are going to Couples CTI March 21-28! First timers and we can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting Married on the 24th!
    Anyway, I know that most of the staff are not allowed to accept tips. But some such as in the spa, the photographer, outside excursions, the driver, etc, will accept and some expect them.

    I'm from Canada, we have our American currency ready to take with us. We are just curious about what is the appropriate amount to tip. I know we would tip for some things differently.... we would probably tip the photographer more than some. But just need to know a general amount...

    Thanks for anyone who can help out!!

    Cara and Jason

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    Bus drivers $5.00, Spa, $10.00, Photographer, ? never tipped.
    Irie Mon

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    Thanks so much for your reply!!

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    Default tipping

    We just got back and I wish someone had told me about the tipping "expectations". Here is my summary - # 1, if you are a cigarette smoker - bring tons of cigarettes because it seemed like all the staff tried to "bum" smokes. If you do horseback, catamaran, dunn river falls, etc - every person you deal with asks for "respect" - I figure a couple of bucks for the driver, photographer, guides, etc would be more than enough - next time I plan to take cigarettes and no money and just give them

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    good to know. Thanks!!

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