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    Default 10/16 wedding at CSS

    Hi All!!!

    I just want to give a quick review of our beautiful wedding at CSS. We got married 10/16 at 10am. It was hot and sticky and ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!! Karla the coordinator is supersweet. Claudia the photographer is awesome, she is patient and takes beautiful pics. Lee the videographer is fabulous, everyone cried when they watched my video. All in all my wedding was perfect and I wish I could relive it everyday!!!

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    We got married at CSS on October 27! We chose the gazebo at 11:00 which gave us some much needed shade. Karla was our wedding coordinator and Claudia our wonderful photographer. Our photos are fantastic! Ditto, ditto the wedding was perfect and I would relive it everyday~!

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    we set our wedding for may 7th on the beach. Do you think that it is going to be really warm @ 2pm. Is claudia the CSS photographer. do u have any photos u could would be great to see their work. Is there anything suggestions you have for me or things that popped up while you were working on your wedding.

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    We are also getting married at CSS and I would love to see photos from Claudia as we can't afford to bring in an outside vendor!

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