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    Default CTI wedding 08/02/2011

    Arrival: We arrived in Jamaica on Feb 4th at 8PM. We were tired and hungry and so dissapointed that we were going to have to miss lobster night since our flight from Toronto was delayed twice. The lounge was great, the staff had arranged a seperate shuttle to take me, my fiance and our 4 guests to CTI. Our driver was wonderful and got us to the hotel in about two hours. When we arrived they had champagne waiting for us and let us know that we would still be able to eat our lobster after all! We all dropped our luggage off and went down to eat. Me and my fiance's upgrade wasn't ready as they hadn't realized that we were getting married that week. The next day we were promptly moved to an oceanview room and finally began to unpack!

    Wedding: We were married on Tuesday morning. We met with Latoya on Monday(the meeting lasted about 20 minutes) She went over flowers,cake flavour and ceremony location. We chose an upgraded bouquet ($40US) A mix of chocolate and vanilla cake. In our personal opinions we all enjoyed the chocolate much more then the vanilla. The vanilla portion tasted like it had some sort of alcohol in it. It was still good just not to our taste. We chose to be married on the beach at 10AM mostly because of the feedback on this message board about afternoon rain and extreme heat at any other time during the day. Well of course it rained as it did most mornings, The rain usually starts very early in the morning but just so happened to last until about 11:00 on this particular day. We were still so happy and as we can't control the weather we continued our wedding in the 8 rivers restaurant.Upon speaking to someone who works at the veggie bar, she recommended the 11:00 wedding slot as it rarely ever rains that late into the day. It was still perfect though and the rain cleared up for our photos anyway.

    Photos: We hired Stacey Clarke and are SO pleased that we did. She was so professional, she knew exactly what she was doing. Her and her assistant Owen made us feel so comfortable they were great at directing and were so friendly. Our photos turned out absolutley amazing. Everyone back home couldn't believe how impressive these photos were. They look like they are straight out of a bridal magazine! If anyone is considering hiring an outside photographer just know that hiring Stacey is worth every penny. We ended up doing a trash the dress session which we both highly recommend. It was so much fun and the pictures are stunning! If you are interested Stacey's website is

    Food: All I can say is delicious! We were there for two weeks and and I gained 6 pounds. The only thing I missed was Coke. they have Pepsi, but it's just not the same to me as a Rum and Coke is! There's plenty of options you will never go hungry.
    Activites: So much to do, Dunn's River Falls is not to be missed. Be aware: you will get soaked , you do not need your sunglasses, bring a tip for your guide, water shoes and a waterproof camera. You should be pretty physically fit to climb the waterfall. If your worried there are escape exits along your way up. Horseback riding was wonderful we went at 9Am since it does get so hot otherwise. We also went ziplining (the chukka tour) It was so much fun and sometimes scary but overall we had a blast. Be aware there is alot of downhill walking. All the watersports at CTI are included. There's always something to do as long as you want to do it.

    Staff: Every single person that works at Couples was so friendly. They will do just about anything to make your stay the most memorable it could possibly be! They all deserve a raise!

    Room: The Gardenview was much larger than the oceanview room. The oceanview room did have a beautiful view though. Either way we would have been happy.

    Overall: If you are worried at all, don't be. If your staying at CTI I don't believe you can have a bad time even if you tried! Everything was perfect and I look forward to returning next year for our anniversary. After being here we don't think we'll be able to go anywhere else. Good luck

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    Great review! I'm not sure on getting a photographer outise of the hotel. How expencive was it?

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