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    Default Best night for private beach dinner?

    We'll be headed to CSA for our honeymoon in September, and would like to pre-book a private beach dinner. We'll be there Monday to Monday - any recommendations on when we should do it? Beginning of trip as a kick-off, or end as a send-off? Any nights to avoid, when there will be other great things going on (like lobster night(s), maybe?)? I tried to figure out a good night from the schedule, but it's difficult to tell which of the events should not be missed.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

    (6 weeks and counting!)


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    I would avoid nights that are raining. Other then that any night for a private dinner on the beach is a wonderful experience

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    I surprised my husband with a private beach dinner a few trips back and we loved it!

    I would avoid doing it on the first night, you'll be too tired from travelling to really enjoy it. They also do not schedule them on the night of the beach party (Fridays). You might not want to do it on the same night if you were to go to Margaritaville or the Catamaran Cruise or Rick's because you won't want to rush back for dinner.

    Also, they do not schedule them ahead of time. You can email the resort or the romance concierge (which is what I did) but they actually don't put you on the schedule until you arrive at the resort and confirm. So if I were you, I'd wait until you arrive, check out the weekly schedule to see if there is anything you don't want to miss, then choose a night early in the week to help set the romantic tone early in the vacation.

    I'd also be happy to send you any pics from our dinner, as well as the menu, if that would help ( Have a great trip!
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    Thanks! This helps quite a bit. I appreciate the advice!

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