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    Default Looking For a Driver Named Patrick

    We were at CSA last April and had a great time with a driver named Patrick. He was our shuttle driver from Mobay to CSA and we want to get hold of him for a return trip this year. Anyone have his contact info?

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    Default Compliments to the chef - recipe request.

    We were at CSS for the 3rd time (2009, 2010, 2011 ) We returned to "Our Paradise" on Aug. 6-14th,2011 and of course it was as perfect as the very first time. EXCEPT -- Katherine at the pasta bar won my husbands heart ( well, actually it was his stomach she won.) You know, everyone asks us Why do we go to the same place year after year for our get away from real life vacation. They wouldn't ask us that question if they vacationed in "Our Paradise" (@ CSS) Then they ask what we enjoyed the most ? The first thing Gerard comments on is the
    fantastic pasta-bar and of course "Chef Katherine" exquisite BOLOGNAIS sauce and bow-tie pasta.
    Katherine - for Gerard to talk about your bolognaise the way he does- He was very much impressed. Keep up
    the great work. Your Smile is worth a thousand words. Love to all of our Jamaican family at CSS from your
    family in Cleveland, Ohio . We had such a great time and believe me if all goes as planned we will have our
    family reuniom again in August 2012 . You know where the party begins ( and ends)


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    ya mon, i think i know who he is, but i dont have his phone number, we are going to swept away in october, i can get it then and e mail it to you if you like, waynef

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    I beleive we have his business card somewhere, if its the same guy that I think it is. Give me some time to locate it and Ill try to get back with you.

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