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    My fiance and I are looking to do some additional tours in addition to what CTI has to offer.
    We are wanting to do the Bob Marley Tour and Appleton Rum Estate Tour.

    I have done some research and read that you can do both in one day or do the Rum Tour with YS Falls and the Black River Tour.

    Has anyone done either the Bob Marley or Rum tour ?
    I read that a lot of people prefer booking with a private driver versus a group tour.
    What are you thoughts on that. How do you go about booking private drivers
    and what are some good tour guides out there.

    Any advice or tips is greatly appreciated!


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    We take a trip up to Nine Mile to see Bob every year but it takes at least a morning or afternoon, but if you are into his music well worth it. we have taken a private tour and a group tour, both were fine, the group tour was a lot of fun mainly down to the guide but i can't remember his name just that it begane with a D. we always do a private tour now because a friend takes us.
    The Rum Tour with YS Falls and the Black River Tour is a long day tour, i remember getting up very early for it from CTI and not getting back till about 9pm as it is the other side of the island, but it was great and i thought well worth it. My husband really enjoyed the Rum tour and the YS Falls are stunning, we had lunch by the Black River i thought they were fattening us up for the Crocs who were amazing got some really great pics.
    Toilet facilities after lunch were not great but if you gotta go you gotta go!!
    On the way back we were treated to a DVD of 'Cool Runnings' I love that film.
    We did this in 2007 and i can still remember the day, i thought it was great

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    We'll be travelling to CTI for the first time, however last year we where in the same area of Jamaica.
    We really enjoyed having Paul Williams take us out for the day, for a private tour.
    We'll be spending a day with Paul again this trip. I enjoyed being able to do what "we" wanted (with his help) We stopped at a few different places around Ocho Rios, Dunns River, the Enchanted Gardens, the Blue Hole, stopped and did some shopping and went for lunch, all at our pace.
    We enjoyed the day and covered alot of ground.
    He's a great family guy and was a great driver.
    His website is

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    Do you remember at all what an approximate cost is for a private tour. We will be at CTI in June and were thinking about a day out ourselves. We were curious if the resort offered drivers for hire or had suggestions like yours.

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    we also only use paul williams hes a fantastic guy

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