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Thread: December 2011

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    Default December 2011

    Unless I've missed it, this is the new thread for THIS year, December!!

    rae_Dave: Dec.9-16 (then moving to CN for our first Negril experience the 16-23rd)

    Who else is planning ahead?

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    We'll be there Dec 2nd through the 10th. Can't wait!!!!!!

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    Dangit, George and Sue, we'll miss you AGAIN!

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    Adding our names to the list. So far:

    George & Sue - Dec.1-8
    Longing for Home - Dec.2-10
    Rae & Dave - Dec.9-16 (then moving to CN for our first Negril experience the 16-23rd)
    Jim & Darcy - Dec. 19-26

    Jim & Darcy

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    Just booked to return for visit number 15!!! Can't wait. 6/12 - 20/12. See you all there. Steve & Kirsty.

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    Holly and Bill from the 10th-15th
    This is our first trip to Jamaica and to Couples resorts.
    This is my 40th birthday present to myself! Dec 10th!
    We are so excited and can't wait!!! I'm already packing in my head!
    See you there...

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    We'll be there December 8-16 to celebrate hubby's bday. Laura & DJ!

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    Be there Dec 13-16th.... It is so far away yet.... I will not wish for it to come faster until it starts getting cold again here!!!

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    Default's April 16 and snow predicted! lol!!! (Parts of WI and MN have some already!!)

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    Raelene.... I spoke to soon. It was warm and then the cold smacked us upside the head again...!!! 238 More

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    BUMP!! Aprox. 6 months, people!

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    Updating the list...............

    George & Sue - Dec. 1 - 8
    Longing for Home - Dec. 2 - 10
    Steve & Kirsty - Dec. 6 - 20
    Laura & DJ - Dec. 8 - 16
    Rae & Dave - Dec. 9 - 16 (then moving to CN for our first Negril experience the 16-23rd)
    Holly & Bill - Dec. 10 - 15
    vicster - Dec. 13 - 16
    Jim & Darcy - Dec. 19 - 26

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    Bump! 182!!! CTI then CN

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    Hey Guys, I finally re-registered to post… :-)

    Geno and Jennifer Dec 11 -18
    Second visit to CTI… we're super excited to be coming back to CTI, and see all our friends again.

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    Reclaiming MY island from Dec 3-11th. Vicster, you should be happy that you might even get a chance to relax this year without the spaz jumping all over. Rae, Dave, George, Sue... sorry kids. Bring earplugs.

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    YAY! Geno and Jen will join us! So glad to hear it! Now about that other thing...

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    Joe & Cindy.. I am sorry I am going to miss you guys by 2 days!!......I have to say last year was my most favorite year of all. It was a great group and a whole lot of fun!!! Even though the weather was not all that pleasant.

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    Robert and Joy, back for the 6th time at CTI, 12/11-12/18. We can't wait to see all of our Couples Family again! Only 5 more short months left! Soon come mon.

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    Ja mon!! Yay! Joe & Cindy, 2 days of your wonderful company is better than none! Glad to hear you'll be there. And, Rob and Joy, too! Yay! This is shaping up quite well. Steve and Kirsty, this year, I have to decided who you are!! 16 times! The QUEEN (that would be ME) approves.

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    Name:  06961189_#1.jpg
Views: 917
Size:  42.4 KB We will be the ones sitting by the jacuzzi, usually accompanied by Delroy and Calmore. This is us with Delroy and Saneka at our vow renewal last December. Looking forward to meeting you all.

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    Default So, so sad!!

    We find that we have to cancel our trip to CTI/CN this Dec.....please take us off the spreadsheet. ]

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    Duh....there IS no spreadsheet for this thread, is there... sorry, I was confused in my deep sadness.

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    Hi all! Holly and Brian here - we'll be at CTI for our honeymoon (!!!!!) December 11-17.

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    My husband and I will be there from December 20 - 26!

    Holidays and Graduation trip! Wishing it were tomorrow!

    Ava & Joe

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