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    Default SSB April 2010 - Who Else?

    OK, so as I sit here in the miserable cold, I realize that in exactly 10 weeks I will be soaking up the sun on SSB. We are Sharon and David from Toronto and will be there from April 9 til the 17th.

    Who eldse will be there in April??

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    Dave and Linda from 4 above 0 boston ma.area. April 4-11 we will for sure be at sunset beach when you get there. We have done the island at CTI for our last seven trips and are looking forward to just walking to the beach and not waiting for the boat to get naked. we will see you guys soon for a drink in the hot jamaica sun.

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    John and Becky from Little Rock. We'll be at SSB April 6 till they kick us out on the 14th.

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    Default What's SSB

    We're new. Enlighten us?

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    Default CSS in April

    Hi, I'm Lynn & my wife Nancy will be at CSS April 9-16, 2010 celebrating my 50th birthday. It's our first time to Jamaica and to AN. We're looking forward to the experience.

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    Cynthia & Bronson from SC. We'll be there April 6-11 Our first time...

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    Default Ssb

    LibbyandJosh, no big secret here, SSB is simply the short form of Sunset Beach, Couples Sans Souci's AN Beach area.

    Lynn & Nancy, you've picked a great place to celebrate a 50th birthday! We've celebrated a few milestones at Couples, honeymoon, 25th aniversary and a couple of other anniversaries!

    It's shaping up to be a great time!


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    hey fellow torontonians, Lee and Ali here. we are booking for 10 days in april, not sure the dates(wifes job ya know?) but it would be fun to party it up on SSB with another couple from toronto. We were at CTI november 2010, the island was shut down for the week we were there so we ventured over to CSS and SSB, it is beautiful there. hope to see everyone down there.

    Keep it real.

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    Eric & Teresa - North Carolina. We'll be there from the 14th thru the 23rd

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    We will be there from the 2nd through the 9th. We are celebrating a 41st birthday. We are from Ohio...we are 41 and 32.

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    Jim and Rita 4-11, also spent my 50th there a few years ago

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    Well, I can't believe that I started this thread LAST year. Had a great time last April (2010), so much so that we will be there THIS April (2011) from April 15 til the 23rd. Looking forward to meeting up with fellow Torontonians,the folks from NC and all others! Less than 11 weeks !

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    Default April 3-10

    Hi Folks,

    Dave & Jen also from Toronto area.

    April 3-10 CSS (SSB)

    Glad to hear that we're not the only ones eager to leave the CDN/US winter cold behind for warm sunny Jamaica.

    Here's to Dirty Bananas & Bob Marleys!

    D & J

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    As I write this, it is minus 24 degrees celsius, with the threat of 20 to 30 cm of snow beginning tomorrow!

    Karen and Paul from Kingston, Ontario along with Claude and Sylvie from Gatineau, Quebec, will be on SSB from April 2 to April 11. The 4 of us are flying out of Ottawa on West Jet. Looking forward to meeting some new friends in Paradise!

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    We will be at CTI from April 21-May 3. But we will try to do a day at SSB. Schollz and Piperman we may have met last April or November.

    Richie a.k.a. Richie & Sylvia

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    Dave and Sharon, I do believe my husband and I met you last year. (he's short and wiry and I'm a redhead if that helps) We got married on tax day while there and hung out with Tim and Laurie. We're going to be there from April 16th till the 23rd. Tim and Laurie will be there on the 14th if I'm not mistaken. If you aren't who we met last year, well then we'll just have to meet you this year! Either way, can't come soon enough. We're looking at getting 20 or so inches of snow tonight. Makes me appreciate the beach all the more!

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    Pete, 37 and Stacey, 34 from Wisconsin
    April 26 - May 3 CSS
    Tried out SSB last April and loved it, will be back again!

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    Hi rrallen, I cant put a face to your description, we meet so many nice folks at SSB! It looks like we are there for almost the same time period, so we will definitely meet up this year! I believe that Tim and Laurie are there a bit later, and that we will only overlap for a couple of days!

    10 weeks tomorrow for us!

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    Hi again rrallen. So I mentioned this to Mrs Piperman and she looked at me and said DUH!! "that was the clouple who were in the penthouse next door to Tim and Laurie!" All is clear now, I definitely remember you guys. We are both looking forward to meeting up again!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Piperman View Post
    Hi again rrallen. So I mentioned this to Mrs Piperman and she looked at me and said DUH!! "that was the clouple who were in the penthouse next door to Tim and Laurie!" All is clear now, I definitely remember you guys. We are both looking forward to meeting up again!!

    No worries Mon! We look forward to seeing you both again too. Lori and Tim arrive on the 21st. (Talked to them the other day) Looking forward to catching up! 65 more sleeps....

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    Hiya Melvin! Looks like we'll be there the same time as you!

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    My fiance and I are getting married at CSS on April 20th. We will be there from the 17th-24th and my fiance Corey is already talking abt spending all day every day at SSB. We will see ya'll there!

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    Hey there,
    Another couple coming from Toronto - I'm celebrating my 30th birthday. First timers, but we're looking forward to SSB!

    See you April 22-28
    P & R

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    Lance and Lorene from Vancouver we'll be there April 10 - 16th - can't wait for SSB - see you there

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    Default SSB April 2011

    See you all on SSB.....Warm up the blender!

    4/27-5/4 2011

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