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Thread: Sans Souci

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    Default Sans Souci

    I like to go nude but my partner doesn't, would it be ok if I were nude and she were topless on the AN beach at CSS?

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    NO! AN means "ALL NUDE" -- Find the AN Topic threads here and read them for more information.

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    Sorry to say it is AN for all. If not after about 10 minutes or so if you are not AN you will be politely asked to leave.

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    the AN side is nude only

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    Default Sorry Rick

    Can't do that. A/N is A/N. Last year, we noticed a couple all by themselves on SSB. He was a/n, but she was only topless. No one cared (I don't think), but security came over and told her that rules were rules, so they got up and left.

    You might be better off at a resort with C/O facilities.

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    no no no.

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    Most definately NO

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    No. That would not work.She would be asked to be A/n or leave.
    SSB is really large and you can sit far away from others, if that helps.

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    No, it is not Clothing Optional it is Au Naturel. See the sign below that sits outside the entrance to SSB.

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    all natural means everybody is nude. My wife was the same way.

    We sayed at different resorts where she could lay topless but I had to suffer. Finally convinced her to try this year, picked CSS because quiet and secluded a/n beach.

    Did a/n first day and did not look back. It was amazing, if you can convince her try, she might realize just like my wife did that it was pretty fun and exciting. If it is to weird for her, you are gonna have to suffer with your shorts on like I did lol.

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    Sorry, AN means AN. It is not clothing optional until after 5 pm for the sunset. My suggestion is to go over early in the morning and set up your chairs. It is a rather large beach, so you can get your loungers and get comfy before you disrobe. Most of the people when we have visited have been near the pool. So if you are far away, maybe she will be more comfortable. However, if she leaves her bottoms on, chances are she will feel out of place as she notices that no one else around her is wearing anything except the blind bartender.

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    Wow over 150 views and not one reply, thanks guys!

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    It is not clothing optional, and the staff will ask you to disrobe or leave after a reasonable amount of time. Hopefully, she'll change her mind because SSB is wonderful and the people there are the best.

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    Sunset Beach is au naturel not clothing optional
    If your partner left her bottoms on she would be asked to take them off or leave the AN Beach

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    Default A/N is not optional

    Hey Rick,
    We are first timers to couples SS from the info we've gathered from the forum The A/N section is not a "clothing optional section" it's all or nothing. If she's topless she's halfway way there anyway so maybe she can try it out if its not for her fine but my guess is she'll realize the hang-up was just hers and she's not being judged by anyone else.

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    No. Sorry.

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    CSS - SSB is NOT Clothing-Optional so just being topless is not acceptable.

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    Sorry but NO. SSB is not clothing optional but is a strictly nude beach.

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    Default I would say no!

    Last year at SSB, we noticed a couple all by themselves on the beach. He was a/n, but she was just topless. While we were getting our couples massage, security went to talk to them about SSB being a/n. After that, they got up and left.
    I guess rules are rules. Maybe you would be better off at a resort with c/o facilities!
    Have fun either way!

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    Nope. Complete nudity is required. You are lucky to be visiting CSS though as it is the perfect beach for AN. Plenty of areas to the right as you enter the beach for your partner to divest herself of clothes and keep pretty private. If you go to get the drinks and food then she will hardly be seen by anyone. To be honest, people are there to be nude and do as they wish (within the bounds of respect for others). There will be other 'tentatives' there who choose not to mix in with others. It is all about being a couple. Perhaps on day one you can amble along to SSB and poke yer nose in to see all the lovely places you could park yourselves.

    Finally, go to the 'feedback after your vacation' thread here on the Au Naturel section. Plenty of good vibes there for someone who may be a little 'shall I, shan't I?' about getting fully naked.

    You will have an amazing time at CSS but if you get to use SSB early then I think you and your partner will absolutely love the AN experience. Let us know how you get on once you arrive home, (without white bits!).

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    No, you both must be nude

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    No, that wouldn't be okay, which, I think, is why the AN experience at Couples works so well.


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    The answer to your question is NO. When you are on SSB both of you must be totally nude. No exceptions. It is not clothing optional.

    But your wife can go topless on the main beach. When we were at CSS in October, there were a couple of women who took advantage of it. October is low season so the resort was not at capacity. I would think that this time of year more women would go topless on main beach.

    Also there is no nudity at the main pool or mineral pool. The only pool where you can go in the buff is the pool at SSB. BTW: The pool at SSB is very nice.

    Hope this helps

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