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    I am sure there will be many posts but there is not a clothing option at CSS SSB. You have to be all natural including bottom.

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    Im with you my wife will go AN but sometimes she just likes to topless im wondering does people put a towel on when the go get food or walk up from the beach to the bar we were at cn and it didn't seem to be a problem at all for any one to do that,or to go topless in the pool at the swim up bar,i just don't go there only at 5 to watch the sun set...any in put.

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    We've been to CSS three times, and each time a woman has tried to go topless only, staff has asked her to remove the bottom or leave after about an hour or so there. My personal opinion is , its okay for a partner to be reluctant, but my opinion doesn't count. The sign at the entry states that the beach isn't clothing ooptional and that nudity is expected. The staff upholds the rules to prevent any misfeelings amoung the other guests. If you read back across the message board you'll see some on them.

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    I think the best response to this is, as strange as it sounds, she would probably feel more out of place with her bottoms on than she would with them off.

    That's what makes SSB such a wonderful place... people enjoying the pure freedom and relaxation of "au naturel" in a tropical paradise. The key is everyone "au naturel". As soon as one isn't, it can make everyone else feel awkward (and hence the non "au naturel" would feel out of place).

    As previously suggested, read the "feedback" post (if necessary, read it to your partner) and just try it (go right on the Island at CTI or go to the right side of the beach at CSS for your first time). You'll never go back to being "just topless".

    My $0.02 anyway....

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