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    Default helping deciding CSA or CN?

    My husband and I are planning our first Couples trip in October to celebrate our 20th!! Thanks to all of your posts here, we have narrowed it down to CSA or CN. We are looking for a vacation that will be very romantic and relaxing.

    Here's what we like about CSA:
    -more food choices - we are foodies!
    -fitness facilities - tennis and yoga!
    -like the look of the buildings/rooms/verandahs better at CSA than at CN
    -longer beach for walking

    Here' what we like about CN:
    -beach seems more private
    -pool is beautiful, but we'd probably spend most of our time on the beach, so not a big factor.

    While we are leaning towards CSA, it seems from the message board that the beach environment is more lively at CSA than at CN. Can anyone comment if one resort has a more peaceful and tranquil vibe than the other, or does it vary with the couples there during any given week? Can you find a quiet place to veg on the beach at CSA? Nightlife at both places seems about on par with what we're looking for.

    Can't wait to go!!

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    We have stayed at CN before. Things we liked-- the proximity of our room to the beach, the pool, the "entertainment" during the day, and the feeling of socializing with other couples. We made a mistake and didn't try out all of the restaurants or stay up late. I really liked CN and would go back in a hearbeat.

    We are going to CSA next year. We also had a hard time deciding between the two so we're trying CSA this time. What attracts me to CSA are the amount of restaurants and the evening offerings. I am also excited about the atrium room that we have booked. It just seems like a different vibe with the same amenities.

    Good luck deciding, either way you will have a fabulous vacation. I love Couples.

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    I don't know that I would say if one beach is more lively than the other. It does seem like people go into the ocean and socialize, but pretty much keep to themselves on the beach.

    CSA does have more vendors than CN, but I don't think that makes it more lively.

    What are you looking for out of a beach vacation?
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    It seems to me from what you've listed that CSA is fitting you more than CN. CSA does have nice pools but they aren't the main attraction, people really gravitate more toward the beach. At CN it's more about the pool than the beach. Neither has a "private" beach like those in Ocho Rios. Honestly, the vendors aren't a bother though they just walk by at the waters edge and if you don't make eye contact they don't even talk to you, if you do make eye contact just a simple "no thanks" and they move on. Really they often don't even stop they'll kinda lift up the merchandise they are selling as they keep walking slowly unless you show an interest, and after seeing you a few days and knowing you aren't interested they barely say anything to you at all even if you do make eye contact. I suppose the idea of a "quiet place to veg" is defined differently by everyone, there are no private alcoves or places to go be alone but we found the beach to be peaceful and very relaxing. The place we used to go had music blaring around the pool area which could be heard at the beach, they allowed all ages so there were kids running and screaming, it just felt chaotic. Couples is all adults and everyone is pretty quiet, just sitting and reading, napping, staring out at the water, listening to their ipod, whatever but it's quiet and serene.

    The atmosphere at night can vary depending on the guests, the offereings will be the same it just depends on whether you have a bunch of folks taking advantage or just a few but that would be the same at all the resorts.

    You are right that the food at CSA is incredible. My husband is an incredibly picky eater and it was he who suggested we eat all three meals every day. I ate even though I was stuffed because the food was so good.

    The fitness center is amazing, particularly for a hotel.

    Personally, I think you are a good fit for CSA.

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    You can definitely find a quiet place on the beach at CSA since it is so large. I think CSA is very peaceful but it sure does vary depending on the crowd. I have found the older section to be a lot more quiet and peaceful because there is not a lot of traffic going to any one building and there is a lot more mature vegetation so you can't see everyone else. There are a ton of paths because there are so many small buildings so traffic is more spread out and it is less densely populated. The swim up bar area is much more lively and so are the rooms around it since there are a lot of people over there. The beach is pretty private though. There are not a lot of people walking by from other resorts and the vendors have to stay right by the water. There are not very many of them and they stay towards the new side anyway.

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    your name is tennis gal, trust me CSA is where you want to be!If you ever cross the road to that side of CSA, you would swear your at a tennis resort.

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    From what we've seen, stayed at CSA and did day pass to CN, it would seem that CN has a more lively beach environment. Both are peaceful and tranquil but it seemed to us that CSA was just a little more relaxing. You can find lots of quiet places to "veg on the beach" at CSA. As you've indicated, and it's true, CSA has a longer beach which equates to more room to find that quiet place to enjoy. Hope this helps in your decision making.

    Bart & Bug

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    The reality is that I think CSA only has one more restaurant then CN, but I could be wrong.

    Both have yoga and a fitness facility, although CSA's is larger.

    I think that the beach at CN is much quieter because Bloody Bay is smaller and there are not all the vendors, bars or foot traffic on the beach. We love, love, love CN.

    But having said that you will find people here that love CSA just as much as we love CN. I suggest that you go with the one that calls to your heart.

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    Hi Tennisgal, we've never been to CN but are planning our second visit to CSA this December. We've also stayed at CTI which you've probably seen was too hotel like for us. If you are a true tennisgal then you'll love CSA. When we were there they had a touring tennis pro that gave lessons and if I'm not mistaken they were free. The workout facilities across the road can't be beat. I took a yoga and an aerobics class. As far as the beach being quiet, we lounged near the Seagrapes cafe, water sports shack or close to the beach bar. We stayed up near the tree line and never felt any interruptions with the people or vendors walking by. The vendors are usually accompanied by a security guard to make sure that they keep a low profile. It was a nice touch when one of the roving bands stopped to play a tune or two looking for tips. The two of you will love walking through the beautiful grounds going to and from dinner every night. One other plus is hanging out with Ultimate Chocolate at the piano in the Aura Lounge a few evenings. I promise that you'll love CSA as we did. Enjoy your time in Paradise, aka CSA!

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    We have stayed at CN twice and are booked for our third trip this year. I've been looking at CSA for a future trip and have a question....with the sports facility across the street, does anyone see that as an issue? Is the street hard or dangerous to cross? I like the tennis courts at CN so I don't have any issue with that but have never seen any comments about the facility being across the street at CSA. With the way some people drive....well I'm just wondering. Any thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cleversole View Post
    We have stayed at CN twice and are booked for our third trip this year. I've been looking at CSA for a future trip and have a question....with the sports facility across the street, does anyone see that as an issue? Is the street hard or dangerous to cross? I like the tennis courts at CN so I don't have any issue with that but have never seen any comments about the facility being across the street at CSA. With the way some people drive....well I'm just wondering. Any thoughts?
    One of the reasons CSA is my favorite Couples is the fabulous fitness complex. There is no issue at all with it being across the street IMO. The facilities are extensive and worth the 3 minute walk.

    As for CSA vs CN, I have stayed 2x at CN and a half dozen at CSA. CSA is my favorite for the longer beach, large terraces on the rooms, more dining options, better nightlife, nicer spa and the awesome fitness complex. IMO the beach is livelier here as well but the beach at CN is beautiful and more private and quiet than CSA. The pool at CN was fun but we are beach people so only used it late afternoons.

    Both resorts are a great choice - it all depends on what you are looking for.

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    Caviargal, thanks for the response. That is exactly the information I was looking for. I have never seen anyone complain about the facility being across the street so I assumed it couldn't be a big deal. We may do a trading places this trip to CSA and see. I do like the extra restaurants and LONG beach. We love to walk the beach, though we have never had any issue with CN being too short. We also LOVE to play tennis and CN has great courts but the facility at CSA looks outstanding. Thanks for the feedback. Really appreciate it.

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    Cleversole, it depends on where your room is at CSA whether it's a one or three minute walk across the road to the sports/spa complex. It's located right across the street from the main lobby. Couples has an individual stationed at the cross walk to stop traffic for you. We're from the New York City area and are used to dodging traffic so we felt he was totally unnecessary, but a nice touch. It's also a pretty straight section of road so you could see cars coming anyway. I don't play tennis, but from what I saw the tennis facilities look great. I'm attaching a picture of the lap pool and a few of the tennis courts behind it. Enjoy!
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    From what you described you definitely need to go to CSA. The beach is fabulous and you can find a nice quiet spot to relax for sure. The sports complex is the best on the island. You can take private tennis lessons and they offer lots of different classes. You say you are leaning toward CSA and that is your answer right there. Enjoy. CSA ROCKS!!!!

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    SteveG52, thanks for the pix and for the information. I'm not so worried about how far it is from our room as I was about how hard it was to get across the street to the complex. I've lived in big cities, but now in a small one and watching people drive in jamaica...I was worried about safety but never seen it mentioned. At Cn we stay on the opposite side of the resort from the tennis courts, just because that is the side we like. Don't mind walking (heck I'm going to be running on the courts)..But appreciate the information and the picture. I can see the tennis courts. I think we need to do a trading places this time to see if we want to go to CSA next time.

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