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    7 more weeks till we are at CSS for our 25th anniversary. This is our first all-inclusive vacation and we are getting very excited reading the message board. We have a few questions and would appreciate any in put you can give us. Do we need to pack toiletries? Do we need to make dinner reservations each night? We are 50 & 61 yrs. old, are we to old for Dunn River Falls? LOL My husband says no but I'm just wondering! We will be there April 18-25 would love to meet anyone if you are there at that time. Thank's for your help and any other pointers will be appreciated.

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    Dunn's River Falls depends on your physical ability rather than your age. When we were there we saw a very young person who was obviously not in good shape struggle until she had to exit. However we had some much older folks who made it look like a piece of cake. I am short and had to have my husband give me a hand up a few of the "steps" but overall thought it was pretty easy from an exertion standpoint. If you go with a tour they start you all off holding hands like a chain and that makes it more difficult. People eventually figure this out but my advice would be to get at the back of the "chain" and then just don't hold hands. You'll want to wear those water shoes or something that will give you some grip on the rocks but that can get wet as you are walking right in the falls.

    There is shower gel, and shampoo provided it just depends how picky you are about your own. I'm picky enough I pack travel size bottles...I have a "thing" about scents, though theirs were nice you never know until you get there what your opinion will be. If you aren't picky you don't need to bring your own. We also had a bar of soap on the sink and a couple small bottles of aloe but it sounds like this is a bit random.

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    Our first trip to CSS we did Dunns River Falls, and climbed the falls. Were in our early 50's. However, my husband has COPD, and I was not really in shape at all. We had no problem climbing the falls. There actually was a lady there I beleive was in her 70's and enjoyed it a lot. You can give it a try, and can stop whenever you want. There are areas on the way up to end your climb.

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    Welcome to the Couples family. Be excited, be VERY excited. We went to CN five years ago for our 25th and have returned every year for the last five. There are some toiletries there but you will need lots of sunscreen.

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    No you are not too old. It's more a matter of being able to climb slippery rocks with water rushing down. Take water shoes as you will need them for the climb. IF you do find it too difficult, there are a couple of places you can exit the falls before getting to the top. Also take a water camera. The guides will take photos of you throughout your climb using your camera if you like. Tips for the guides are customary especially if they are taking photos of you.

    I don't know how dinner reservations work at CSS, but we make them as the mood hits at CTI unless there is something specific we want on a certain night and we know when we get there, then we make that reservation upon arrival.

    They have conditioning shampoo, shower gel, soap, and lotion. Not sure if they still have aloe. I have read conflicting reviews on that. Also the gift shop carries all that stuff but, housekeeping will keep you stocked as you use items.

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    We are in our 60's and you are NOT TOO OLD for Dunn's River Falls. Several toiletries are provided. Make your reservations the first day there and it's all taken care of. And, by all means, spend the money for a private beach dinner. We did and it was fantastic. Enjoy your stay at CSS. It is a beautiful resort. Try a "Miami Vice" drink also. Have fun!!!!
    Mike & Martha

    CSS 2010, 2013, 2014
    CTI 2011
    CN 2012

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    Congratulations on your upcoming 25th anniversary and on selecting CSS as the place to celebrate it. In our opinion CSS is the most romantic of all the Couples resorts we've visited. We'll do our best to answer your questions:
    1) Do we need to pack toiletries?
    They provide soap, shampoo, aloe and hair dryer along with towels and washclothes but you'll need to bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste.
    2) Do we need to make dinner reservations each night?
    No, you only have to make reservations if you'll be eating at the Palazzina or Casanova. You can eat at the Bella Vista without reservations, which is a great place to eat. Also don't forget that you can eat in as CSS is the only Couples resort to offer "In Room Dining".
    3) Are we to old for Dunn River Falls?
    No, if you're in good shape the climb up the Falls isn't bad and you go up as a "human chain" makes it more fun and easier. Even if you don't feel cabable of climbing the Falls it's a beautiful place to visit.
    Sorry we won't be there to enjoy it with you. We really love CSS but decided to try CN this year to see what it's like. Have a wonderful time celebrating your anniversary and prepare to be pampered!!

    Bart & Bug

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    jcmiller - You have picked the most perfect resort for the celebration of your 25th anniversary (and CONGRATULATIONS !). We are 61 and 50 too! (However, we just celebrated our 3rd anniversary!). We have all sorts of information we can give you about beautiful CSS, but it is way too much to write on the board, so if you send us an e-mail to, we'll send you lots of info, and some pictures as well.

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    Hi, No you don't need to make dinner reservations every night unless you intend to eat at one of the two reservations required, long pants & closed toe shoes for the gents, restaurants. No you don't need to bring toiletries unless you use something that you can't live without. Unless you are in poor health there is no reason why you can't climb the falls. My wife has rheumatoid arthritis and she didn't have a problem doing it. You hold hands and play follow the leader up the falls. I suggest that you go out and buy a couple pairs of those rubber water shoes before you leave home. Discount stores sell them cheap enough and you won't want to rent the dirty ones at the Falls. Also if you want to make contact with other people before you leave, go up to the top of this page and click on the MEET-UP AT COUPLES tab. There you can look for a post for the time you'll be there or start your own.

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    Welcome to the family! You are going to love CSS! My husband and I will be there the same time you are and we're celebrating our first anniversary. We were married at CSS last April. You should consider renewing your vows if you haven't thought of it already. It truly is the most romantic place in the world and they do an amazing job with the ceremonies. Everyone else seems to have covered your questions but I do have to tell you to make sure and make your reservation for your anniversary dinner as soon as you get there so you're not disappointed. I hope we have an opportunity to meet while there!

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    Thanks for all the input, it is appreciated...I will try the "Miami Vice" Looking forward to trying a lot of the drinks, I always like to try something new but hate paying $6-$7 per drink so I want to sample several till I find my favorite LOL

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