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Thread: April 2012

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    We are also booked for April 12th...hope to see you there!

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    63 days and counting. Come on April.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the Super Bowl last night. Have a great week.
    * Please forgive any errors that you might find in the above post. All errors are a direct result of (1) too many drinks (2) the missing brain cells caused by years of abusing these above referenced drinks (3) the iniability to spell or write anything without the use of spell check or (4) the complete lack of knowledge of proper english grammer and sentence structure.

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    UKCornett is John and Valerie. We're also bringing Todd and Erin as well as Chris and Christine with us.

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    Sue and Mark from chicago, this is Todd of todd&linda , I got certified last year at css never dove before but loved it.Maybe we will meet up in chicago on flights. We leave ohare at 545 am to clt. Then clt @940. Dive team is awesome you will enjoy!

    Todd & Linda
    April 2008, March 2009, April 2010, Oct 2010, April 2011, April 2012, April 2013, April 2014

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    Todd my wife and I will be leaving o'hare at 7am and we arrive at 11:10am. So we must be on different flights. We will see you either at the Couples Lounge or on the beach. I cant wait to dive CSS!! When we were at CN last year I was talking with a guy that told me he liked the diving at CSS better than CN. Do you know if they do a night dive at CSS?

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    Default Headed to CSS April 30th

    Mace and I will be there on our honeymoon from Monday April 30th to Monday May 7th. Looking forward to relaxing and soaking up the sun... with some diving and sight seeing thrown in.
    We had multiple folks (some that are repeat customers) implore on us to head to Couples when we were looking at options for our honeymoon. We are counting down the days until we get there!
    82 days to go... and counting!!!

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    We will arrive CSS on 3 April 2012 from London Gatwick, 14 nights and days of bliss (we hope) shaking off the troubles of the last year! Celebrating Sheila's 60th birthday on 7 April & nearly 42 years of happiness together. Any one else from Blighty? David & Sheila

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    We will also be there these same dates for our honeymoon.See you there!

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    I finally had a chance to update our list... Sorry it took so long. There are quite a few additions and as always please let me know if I missed anyone or anything.
    There are so many of us going at the beginning of the month. We should all get together at some point so my honey and I can buy you all a drink! Matt and I are celebrating our 20th wedding aniversary on the 3rd.
    46 days until CSS...probably 45 by the time this posts.
    Jack and Matt

    Screen Name Real Names From Arrival Date Sad Face Date
    Mjleber Matt & Jacklyn Montana 28-Mar 9-Apr
    Donjohnson Tace & Kelly Michigan 30-Mar 4-Apr
    Uncornett John & Valerie Kentucky 31-Mar 7-Apr
    w/uncornett Chris & Christine 31-Mar 7-Apr
    w/uncornett Todd & Erin 31-Mar 7-Apr
    Skitlerz Jen & Greg Outside Philly 1-Apr 7-Apr
    GeauxCrazy Shawn & Tracy Louisiana 1-Apr 5-Apr
    Bracoman Jim & ? Nova Scotia 2-Apr 9-Apr
    Davidfthorn David & Sheila Bedfordshire 3-Apr 17-Apr
    Rocks Mom ? & ? Ohio 6-Apr 14-Apr
    Buckhunterswife Nick & Penny New York 8-Apr 14-Apr
    Newfbrit Ian & Marie NB Canada 9-Apr 16-Apr
    Magmon Monica & Michael Florida 9-Apr 15-Apr
    Sunkissed Fred & Kris Ontario 11-Apr 14-Apr
    Bigdoglips Todd & Linda Iowa 12-Apr 19-Apr
    lamdam Dave & Linda Massachusetts 12-Apr 19-Apr
    SuenMark Sue & Mark Illinois 12-Apr 19-Apr
    Travelguy012 Darryl & North Carolina 12-Apr
    Robandsteph Rob & Steph Georgia 13-Apr 20-Apr
    BrendaandBruce Brenda & Bruce Pennsylvania 13-Apr 21-Apr
    Aryfairy Sandy & ? Massachusetts 14-Apr 21-Apr
    Kycrazies Allen & Andrea Kentucky 14-Apr 21-Apr
    Katiecollette Katie & Corey Wisconsin 14-Apr 21-Apr
    Grady Paul & Lisa Maine 15-Apr 22-Apr
    Readyfornegril Tracy & Len ? 15-Apr 19-Apr
    Bart and Bug Eric & June Oklahoma 16-Apr 21-Apr
    Chef n Denise Denise & Chef Pennsylvania 17-Apr 22-Apr
    Cbsmith Chris & ? New Brunswick 20-Apr 28-Apr
    Tubular Steve & ? Illinois 22-Apr 29-Apr
    Mikesue Mike & Sue Pennsylvania 24-Apr 3-May
    Pandapaws Michael & Sherry Ontario 28-Apr 12-May
    jrod624 Jered & Donna New Hampshire 28-Apr 5-May
    Brent Sabrina Brent & Sabrina Kentucky 29-Apr 5-May
    MaceandCharlie Mace & Charlie North Carolina 30-Apr 7-May
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    Hi, I am so looking forward to meeting new people again this year. We will be there April 21-29. Leaving Atlanta at 7am!!

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    Chef n Denise,

    Where in PA are you from. We are in Harleysville about 34 miles north of Philly. We will bet at CSS between 13 April and 21 April. Check out the April Picture thread and post so we can look for you when you get there. We did the picture thread last year for CN and we were supprised at how many people we met from the pictures.
    Hope to see you at CSS in 61 days

    Bruce and Brenda

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    We are from Newtown Bucks County. We should be arriving to CSS April 17th and be there before noon. You gotta love that early flight. Hoping to post a pix this week the message board lost all my past info so I had to re register thank God I knew my romance reward #. So I have to download a new pix . Looking forward to meeting up with you!!


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    We will also be arriving at CSS on April 12th for our first Couples Vacation. Hope to meet you!

    Darryl and Beverly

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    Hello Darryl and Beverly: Welcome to the Couples family. What time do you get into Mo Bay. Seems like a lot of the April 12 th arrivals are getting in around same time. If you have a chance post a picture on the April photo thread. We are on there so look for us at the resort at one of the many bars at the resort for a first nite drink. Dave and Linda

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    Hey, we will be there April 26-May 3 2012. We have been to Braco and many time to couples ocho, now tower island. Hope to see you there.

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    Hi, Jaimie & Mike. We'll be at CSS for our honeymoon April 22-27th! This is our first Couples trip/trip to Jamaica & we're looking foward to a relaxing trip!

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    Hi, Jim & Denise. We'll be at CSS April 9-21st. This is our 2nd trip to CSS. Can't wait to get back to Jamaica Mon!

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    Hey Dave and Linda we will be back. Crazy Tom and his side kick. lol

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    We'll be at CSS 31 Mar - 9 Apr for our 5th visit, we can't wait. Hope the weather is better than our last visit over New Year's!

    See you there Jim & Rita!

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    Hello everyone...just made our last payment and finally doing the under 50 dance! Can't wait to get out of the cold Northeast! April 15-22, 2012

    See you there. Paul and Lisa

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    Rob and Corrie from Ohio. April 6th -14th...really looking forward to it..this will be our 5th trip to CSS and 7th to Jamaica...looking forward to winning at trivia again!

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    We are arriving April 12th for our first Couple experience.

    Darryl & Beverly

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    Hello Cheryl and Tom: So glad we get to see you guys this year. I still laugh out load thinking about when Tom met us. I left you a message on the April photo post. 44 days for us see you soon. Dave and Linda

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    Default April 28th-May 5th

    Hi All,

    My boyfriend Adam and I will be there April 28th-May 5th. We are both professionals in the IT/Software industry in Raleigh, NC and hope to meet some other couples our age (late 30's early 40's). It is our first Couples resort vacation and after much debate we settled on Sans Souci because the grounds appeared so lush and relaxing and the reviews all seemed great. April 28th can not get here fast enough!


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    Only 42 more days. It can't come quick enough and it will go way to fast once it gets here. We won't be coming back in 2013. We have booked The Big Nude Boat in 2/13. I hope we don't regret it. Can't wait to see old friends and to make new ones. CSS here we come!

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