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    Default "Must do"excursions from CSA

    We have been to Mayfield Falls for a day, as well as, a day trip to Savanna-del-Mar and the fish market at the fort there. (as well as the shopping trip on the shuttle). What are some other day excursions we should consider?We will at CSA July 11---22 this summer celebrating our 35th anniversary.
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    do the zipline!

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    Where? Is it one of the excursions you can go through Couples with? I can not remember from 5 years ago.

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    Two words...

    Pelican Bar

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    yes you can book it through couples or if you book before you go its a little cheaper and they still pick you up at the resort. Thats what we did.

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    Spiff532 - what is the best way to get to the Pelican Bar?

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    We hired a local to take us to the Appleton Estate Tour and the YS Falls for the day on 3/19..... Can't wait!

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    How far away is the Pelican bar? Should we book something else too or is it worth just going there? Thanks

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