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    Default Jamaica's Meet the People Program

    I was wondering if anyone has ever done this? It sounds interesting and we are thinking about doing it.

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    The first time we went to CTI I had contacted them and it was very interesting.

    As a retired firefighter I had requested to visit a local station and meet the fireighters there.

    A representative from meet the people contacted us as soon as we arived at CTI and set up a time for us to go. The rep. was on time and very informative. He was not in a hurry and introduced me to the crew. We spent a couple of hours there then on the way back we took a less direct route and he showed us the real Jamaica.

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    Are you suppose to tip the person you are with all day?

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    I did a google search for this program (Meet the People Jamaica) and found some great information!

    Whether you are a medical professional, musician, fireman, police officer, teacher, hobbyist... whatever interest you might share with a Jamaican, you have an opportunity to meet with them and share! What a cool program and a great opportunity!

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    I don't believe that you have to tip the person that goes with you, they are representatives of the Tourism Board and part of the Government Agency.

    I am not sure that they are able to accept the tip, but that should not stop you if you feel the need.

    It is a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anyone that to see the real Jamaica.

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    BruceandBrenda ~ When was that? I've tried every year since 2005 to do it and I've never gotten a phone call or email from them. After 2009 I gave up trying.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coloradojuli View Post
    BruceandBrenda ~ When was that? I've tried every year since 2005 to do it and I've never gotten a phone call or email from them. After 2009 I gave up trying.
    Same here! I signed up and they never got back to me either. However, that same year we met a couple who were staying at our resort but had a small home in the mountains. They took us out for the day and we saw the realness of the Jamaican culture. I am trying "Meet the People" again this time and we will see!

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    We signed up for the program last year and participate during our trip to CSS in Dec 2010. Prior to the trip we exchanged several e-mails with the representative of the program. Once we arrived at CSS we were contacted again to make the final arrangements for our day out. Along with getting to see many places along the north shore of Jamaica that we have never visited before, we spent time at a private elementary school that our representative's wife taught at. We spent a couple of hours there, signing songs with the young children and talking about Canada and some of the connections that we share with Jamaica. We also went to an adult training program that our representative is involved in, which is designed to help mature students receive training in the tourism and hospitality industry. Again we had an opportunity to speak to the class and talk about the reasons why we continue to return to Jamaica each year and how important great customer service plays in our travel decisions. We continue to stay in contact with our representative and have plans to meet with them again next week to give them some more school supplies. I have attached a link to the pictures we took of our visit with them.
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    i have contacted them a few times but never had a repsonse

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    How cool! I'm a photographer and would love to meet up with a fellow photog for a day!

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    I am SO GLAD I heard about this program! I signed up to meet with someone on our second trip to CTI this December. I have already recieved an email confirming our registration and they also gave us a contact phone number to get in touch with them when we are there. It will be an amazing experience.

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    Happy-in-the-sun ~ I love your pictures. Can you send me contact information for your hosts. (If they don't mind.) We would really like to do the program next time we are in Jamaica. Or perhaps your hosts have the contact information for a supervisor for the program. Thanks! julicolorado at yahoo dot com. Just put something about Couples or Meet the People in the subject line. Thanks!
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Default Contacted by meet the people

    So maybe this thread brought me some luck. I signed up for meet the people a few days ago. They have contacted me twice, once through an email, and a rep they assigned me called as well. I have arrangements to teach a few hands on lessons (the students get to keep the materials) at an elementary school (I am a public school teacher/1st grade) near St Mary. I will post how this all works out upon my return from CTI in Mid April. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS THREAD. I PROBABLY WOULD NOT HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THIS AGAIN OTHERWISE.

    One Love,

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