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    We are avid water skiers and actually bring our own slalom skis to Couples. We have been going to CTI and CSS but want to try either CSA or CNegril. Is one better than the other in terms of calm water, quality of boat, accessibility or anything else? If it matters, we usually go in early November.

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    Last time I was at CSA (last april) they had a center console, Negril had a Mastercraft, water is calm in the mornings but after that its hit or miss

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    We stayed at CN in May 2009 and did a day trip to CSA, the overall water conditions where about the same but the quality of the boat and crew where hands down the best of any couples resort at CSA. Having the opportunity to ski behind a true skiboat again instead of the multipurpose runabouts at the other resorts made all the difference in the sking experience.
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    I have skied at both CTI and Negril. You will enjoy Negril much better, very calm more like a lake, just watch for the traffic from sailboats and paddle boats. Ski boats are about the same.(outboards)

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    CN in 2009 they has the Mastercraft DD in the water. With CN being in the bay, the water is and will be calmer then CSA. This past Dec 2010 I didnt ski, but was positive i saw Mastercraft DD in the water a few times. I didnt go out as the water was rough for skiing. What you have for a ski? Just curious.

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    I love to wakeboard, last year at CSA their mastercraft was broke down. This was parked at the resort next door. I never saw anyone use it, it just sat their taunting me every morning. The mastercraft CSA had wasnt near this nice, but it certainly was better than the center console they had.

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