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    Default May 10-17th 2011

    Hey all,

    I am surprising my wife with a trip back to CTI on our anniversary this year. We were there last year and met many wonderful people and couples. I am looking forward to surprising her with this trip and excited to get back to hopefully see some friends form last year and make many new one. Anyone else going to be there at this time.

    74 days and counting,
    Randy and Gail
    Dallas, Texas

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    Hi Randy and Gail
    We arrive May 1st for 2 weeks so will get the place warmed up for you! Hope the surprise goes well. I don't think I could keep it to myself. I'd be too excited. Have a great trip. Hope to see you there. X

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    Looking forward to meeting you guys. Get the party started and see you in only 67 days!! The surprise will be amazing... my parents are even flying in from canada to watch the little one and already talked to her boss so she will not even know about it from a work/schedule standpoint! I am doing my best not to slip up tho!

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    Default May 15th to 19th

    We will be there 15th to the 19th. This will be our third trip to CTI. Im coming home.

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    We will be there the 15-21! We are sooo excited! We have alwyas talked/dreamed of doing something like this. 65 Days and counting! Its like waiting for Christmas!

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    Lance and Shandi, May 16-22. First Timers!! We can't wait! Celebrating my graduation from nursing school and also our 3 year anniversary! Hope to see yall there! We are coming from Tyler, Texas!

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    Looking forward to meeting all of you guys! 45 days and counting!!

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