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    Default CSA Booze Question...

    Hello all!! My hubby and I will be at CSA from Sept 12-19

    Now, I'm a huuuuuge fan of the Appleton rum, the specialty drinks.. cold red stripes. I don't discriminate. However, I hear there's a nifty martini bar, and while I am definitely under the impression there are tons of martinis on the menu, I am curious if my favorite froo-froo martini concoction is available at CSA anywhere.

    It's called a nuts-and-berries martini. It consists of Frangelico and Chambord, along with heavy cream. Shaken, strained.. awesome.
    Has anyone seen Chambord or Frangelico at CSA? Frangelico is the hazelnut liquer that is in a bottle which looks like the Aunt Jemima pancake syrup bottle. Chambord is in a short squatty round bottle with a silver/gold cap and trim. It is raspberry liquer.

    I won't be disappointed if this stuff isn't stocked at CSA... just curious, really.

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    I have not been to CSA but I know that CN does not have Chambord, can't answer you about Frangelico.

    CN does have a black rasberry liquor, which is close to Chambord, so you might be able to come up with something close to your favorite.

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    The martini bar is one of the very best features of CSA. The bartenders are great. The martini book is really big, but I don't remember one that went by that name. Either a) I am forgetting it because there are so, so many, b) it's called by a different name there, or c) they don't have it. If they don't have it, I guarantee you they could make you a close approximate. The bartenders there are absolutely wonderful and can make anything. There were tons and tons of fancy bottles behind the bar, so I'm sure they have the necessary ingredients.

    My advice: if you can get that martini back home, pick something exciting and new from their extensive menu. Good luck!

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    They should be able to make it in the Martini Bar, and probably can make something like it at any one of the other bars. Just describe what you want to any one of the wonderful bartenders and they will do their best!

    We will be there this week too! The countdown is on! This is going to be our 4th time in 2 years we love CSA, there is no place like it..


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    I have seen Frangelico at CSA in the past at some of the bars...not sure about the Martini Bar though.

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    Thanks for the great responses, they are much appreciated!

    I am able to have this drink at a martini bar near my work. However, they charge about $9 apiece for them, not to mention I can have only one since I would have to drive home It would be fun to partake and have to worry neither about a $100 bar bill, nor having to drive home. I will definitely sample the extensive menu of the other kinds. I love the martinis!

    trvlr4lfe, we have a thread over on the meet-up board called September Hurricane Hunters.. and we also have a facebook page if you're a member of Facebook. We'd love to see ya on there!

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    If Chambord is the stuff in the round bottle, yes, they have it in the martini bar (above the Palms) at SweptAway.

    By the way, for those of you who, like myself and MissusBuffBay, LOVES their Appleton rum, Appleton Estate Extra (the 12 yr) is now available at many outlets in the US! I just saw it at our local food superstore this weekend! I had to put in a request with the liquor store manager to make it happen, and now they have it in stock. Yippee!!!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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