Hello all!! My hubby and I will be at CSA from Sept 12-19

Now, I'm a huuuuuge fan of the Appleton rum, the specialty drinks.. cold red stripes. I don't discriminate. However, I hear there's a nifty martini bar, and while I am definitely under the impression there are tons of martinis on the menu, I am curious if my favorite froo-froo martini concoction is available at CSA anywhere.

It's called a nuts-and-berries martini. It consists of Frangelico and Chambord, along with heavy cream. Shaken, strained.. awesome.
Has anyone seen Chambord or Frangelico at CSA? Frangelico is the hazelnut liquer that is in a bottle which looks like the Aunt Jemima pancake syrup bottle. Chambord is in a short squatty round bottle with a silver/gold cap and trim. It is raspberry liquer.

I won't be disappointed if this stuff isn't stocked at CSA... just curious, really.