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    Default What's within a (safe) walking distance to CSA?

    Hi all,

    I was wondering...while staying at CSA, what places are within walking distance that would be relatively safe for just one couple? Is Margaritaville? Is there anything you can get to safely/easily just by walking down the beach?

    Thanks in advance!

    Ludington, Michigan, USA

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    The beach is safe, walk as far as you can to the left and to the right. Margaritaville is safe. If you go to the right you can see some other resorts, if you go to the left you can see margaritaville a couple of smaller hotels, and a few restaurants. People will try to sell you some things, but they arent pushy at all.

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    We walked for more than 2 miles south of CSA and/or probably a mile north every morning during our stay. We always felt safe. I wouldn't have done this at night, but the day is no problem. We love walking the beach in Negril (at both CSA and CN).

    As far as what there is to see, it's a number of other hotels, restaurants, bars and vendors. Margaritaville is about a 10 minute walk south of CSA. For specific places, take a look at this map of Negril (not to scale).
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Margaritaville is about a 5-10 minute walk, if facing the water turn left. All of the beach is safe to walk during the day. Security will ask you for your room number as you leave the CSA property and request that you check back in with them when you return just so someone knows your whereabouts but it's safe to walk. There are other resorts you can look at...and laugh since you are at the BEST! Scattered in between resorts are little shacks with vendors selling everything you could need...t-shirts and jewelry are most popular. We ran into a guy one morning selling homemade pastries, we didn't buy any. It's fun to walk and talk to the locals you'll meet. If you don't want what they are selling a polite no thanks and they really don't bother you.

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    Tons of stuff mostly to the left as you look at the water. We go bar hopping that way all the time. Love it.

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    You can walk all the way to town square from CSA. Alfred's is one of our personal favorites, but many local places are within easy walking distance including Margaritaville. A simple "no thanks" usually deters most beach vendors but strolling the beach during the day is generally safe and allows more interaction with the locals at various bars and restaurants along the way. Enjoy.
    Jack & Donna

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    Yes, Margaritaville and little outdoor shopping vendors are walking distance. Not sure about in the evening. The beach is great to walk on--- we do every day we're there. We're heading to CSA on Monday!

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    OK - facing the water, walk down the beach to the LEFT, and you'll stumble upon Margaritaville very quickly. There are lots of cute bars along the beach if you're interested in getting an off-site vibe. I hesitate to say "local" vibe, though, because the last times we've gone to CSA have been in November, and when we've gone to these offsite beach bars we've mainly bumped into Europeans.

    That being said, you'll find lots of fun local places right along the beach, and it is very safe during the day (I'm assuming it is also fairly safe at night, but have never ventured out after dark, and actually wouldn't recommend it)

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    While looking at the ocean turn left and start walking. Lots of little shops on the beach. Margaritaville is about a 10 minute walk. Felt safe the whole time. You will be asked to buy everything from the vendors but a "no thank - you" works well. has a really nice map of beach

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    Margaritta Ville is vey close...7 min. walk. There are all kinds of shops and bars that are very safe to walk to. It's a great beach. Have fun!

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    My wife and I have been going to CSA for 10 years and we have never had an incident walking on the beach..Sure vendors will ask you to buy something from them, but if you decline politly , they'll politly leave you alone. I am also an avid runner and most mornings I would run on the main road down to the center of town and back. The main road has a number of cool little local coffee shops and little resturants. Again I have never encountered a problem and have never felt threatened in anyway. Also there is quite a bit of pedestrian traffic on the road the closer you get to town- which adds to the safety factor..

    Hope this helps

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    Almost forgot, Margaritaville is about a five min walk down the beach from CSA

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