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    Default Screen door on verandas at CTI???

    Can anyone tell me if there are screen doors so that you do not have to deal with bugs at night if you want to leave the glass doors open???

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    We had an oceanview room in August - no screen doors. But we left the doors open and did not have any bugs. Make sure to turn off the air if you do this though.

    We did have some ants when we left our wedding cake unattended though. Another reason for fridges in the room!

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    we bought a cheap screen off to take with a tension rod so we can leave the door open and enjoy the sounds of night wihtout all the bugs

    peace & LOVE
    Jamie and Craig

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    WE went in January, and left the door open. No bugs, and we loved the breeze and the sounds of the ocean. They must spray at CTI, because I can not remember any bug problem anywhere on the property.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luv2Yak View Post
    Can anyone tell me if there are screen doors so that you do not have to deal with bugs at night if you want to leave the glass doors open???
    Just returned from Couples TI on 2/19/11. No, there are no screens- didn't need them for we never had any bugs around. Even slept with the door open to let the breeze in. We were in an ocean view room on the 2nd floor. It might be different with a garden room.

    One tip- bring hair conditioner. They only have "conditioning shampoo" in room. After a day in the sun and wind couldn't get a comb through my short hair. Had to buy a bottle of Suave Conditioner for $5 at gift shop. Housekeeping had none.

    Otherwise it was great- wonderful food- (don't miss 8 Rivers.) The poverty you will see on the drive to the resort is disturbing,but the resort and staff are great.

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    We stay in July and haven't had a problem with bugs. The only bugs in the room we have had were ants when we left in the room.

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    Thanks for posting this question! We booked an Ocean Junior Suite in August. I'm assuming there will be bugs! We were just going to bring some bug screen and put it up against the door frame so we can listen to the ocean at night.

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    Thanks everyone! We will be there the first week of May...ocean view...we should be ok from the sounds of it!

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    I guess im a little confused... CTI is the only resort we havent been to, but we are going in April!!!! Are there not any windows in these rooms?

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    B&L, some of the rooms have large patio doors without sliding screen doors. So if you want to leave the doors open at night, bugs could get in.

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    If you want to leave the patio door open, you can pull the curtain lining which is a light weight fabric across the opening. It should act like a screen but you won't be able to see out.

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