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    Default Resort Credits - Question

    So, my fiance and I are getting married at CSS on May 24, 2011. I think we've decided to go with the 10AM time slot so that the water will be at it's peak color and the rains are more likely to stay way.

    I've been trolling the boards for weeks now, reading threads, looking at pictures and researching answers to my questions.

    Well I do have one question that I can't find a specific answer to. We have chosen to use the resort photographer for our wedding pictures. I've seen lots of talk of outside vendors and such and we've just decided we don't want the stress of going through those steps.

    Now on to my actual question. Can the $500 resort credit we received when booking go towards that purchase? I read the post by Randy about photos being included in the allowed items but wasn't sure if that included wedding photos.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance and for all the help you've provided so far with your advice and pictures. I do photography as a hobby on the side and if I could find out how to take my own photos I'd be set.

    We're very excited, just a couple months to go!

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    Yes, the wedding photos are included as long as you use their photographer. :O)

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