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Thread: March 2011

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    Default March 2011

    Didn't apear to be a thread for the whole month so here I go. My blushing bride and I will be at CSS for our honnymoon from the 7th to the 14th. Prior to that our wedding is at CSA for our first week with family and friends and then a nice secluded week to ourselves. Oh and for anyone wondering we are early 30`s late 20`s

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    Travis & Cherie

    My fiancee (Gemma) & I will be arriving towards the end of your week at CSS (12th). Hope to see you there & raise a glass (or two!!!) to celebrate your wedding. We're both early 30s too, but I'm sure there be plenty of all ages there.


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    Lisa and I will be returning to CSS for the fifth time March 19 - 27. We hope to see some friends from the past.

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    Eric & I will be returning for our 3rd trip to CSS (4th to a Couples Resort). We will be there from March 17-24. You will have a great time at CSS.

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    Debi and I will be back "home" on the 8th March for 2 weeks. Looking forward to sun, great food and company and SSB

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    Feb. 26 - Mar. 5
    Kris & Scott

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    We're at CSS Mar 7-14. A little late for celebrating our first anniversary of our wedding on Feb 23rd, 2010 at CSS but thats OK! We can't wait to return "home"

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    Default first time

    Ken and Karen from Wpg. Canada Arriving Mar.9 to 19
    Can't wait, resort sounds awesome
    Did I mention we can't wait.

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    Happy New Year!
    65 days until we return to CSS

    Kevin & Vickie
    Nova Scotia

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    Happy New Years!

    65 days to our return to CSS

    We got married there in Feb 2010 and can't wait to return.
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    Default March 2011

    Third time's a charm! Celebrating 20 years of marriage March 5th -13th. See you there!

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    We arrive March 3-12th for a slightly belated 25th Anniversary (Feb 22)trip. This will be our 3rd Couples trip and 2nd to CSS.

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    My fiance and I Will be there March 16-26th!! We are getting married March 19! SO EXCITED......CAN'T WAIT TO MEET SOME OF YOU!

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    62 day to go . And we can't wait to be back at CSS we had a great time the last time we where there. March 7 - 14th :O) :O) :O)

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    Congrats on the anniversary. We are Feb weds too. Celebrating 20 for us. Can't wait and look forward to getting there.

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    Default If time could fly...

    Looking forward to meeting you all at home in CSS!

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    thank you . The same for you guys as well. same go here hope to meet you there. 60 days until we are there ans will be kids free yaaa :O):O):O)

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    Celebrations all around ! We are looking forward to coming back to CSS
    and having a great time. Always fun getting out of the cold Northeast.

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    Congrats to 25 yrs!(Agreed the Northeast has been too cold!) Let's raise our glasses in celebration of our anniversaries in the warmth of Jamaica.

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    After the 2nd Blizzard in 3 weeks yesterday we are ready for CSS and a lot of fun !

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    My husband and I will be there the 21-28 hope to see some of you there this will be our first trip to jamaica!!!!

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    John and Becky
    March 1 - 8
    Fourth Couples trip, third to CSS.

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    Default Amber and Chris (3/6 - 3/12)

    Amber and I will be making our trip to CSS 3/6 - 3/12. I am a certified SCUBA diver, Amber is not. If there are any other divers out there going the same week, let me know if you need a buddy.

    We are from Tampa Bay, FL and this is our third trip to CSS. The first time in Jamaica, we stayed at CN. We sure like the CSS location and hope to meet some people while we are there!

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    Default You will love it.

    Quote Originally Posted by usmc_wife View Post
    My husband and I will be there the 21-28 hope to see some of you there this will be our first trip to jamaica!!!!
    Prepare to have a wonderful time!

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    Jean and Kevin will be at CSS (first visit) Feb 28 - March 7.

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