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    I have been looking at sand ceremony vessels online and many of the are gorgeous. However, I am not sure how to seal the main vessel so that I can get it back to the States without it spilling everywhere. Suggestions? Thanks!

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    The sand ceremony set I ordered from weddingstar came with a cork. I have also read where some brides has used melted wax.

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    The set I ordered also came with a cork type lid. The melted wax sounds like a good idea, but the simplicity of the lid worked better for me. Good luck.

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    have you ladies checked into customs rules about sand? I heard that you cannot bring jamaican sand home.

    if you do your sand ceremony and it's mixed in a container, how would they know that it's your sand?

    I've been interested in the sand ceremony as well, but I worry about the customs issue.

    Does anyone know for sure?

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    I did not bring mine back from Jamaica but I did have to fly with it. The set I got was provided by the place we had our wedding and there was no lid of any sort. I went to the drug store nearby and bought some packaging tape and used that to secure a lot of toilet paper and paper towels on top of the sand so it was very secure and then taped it, a lot.

    I have wondered about getting the sand home too. When we were at CSA I saw people bringing sand up to the wedding coordinators office from the beach for their ceremonies. I thought I must have been missing something since the bride and groom had the same type of sand so it would just look like a bottle of plain old sand when mixed. We had colored sand and that's what I thought everyone used. I don't think you would have trouble getting that home. Perhaps the people I saw didn't think to bring any of that with them so they had to come up with something else on the fly.

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    I am bringing coloured sand, dark brown and a gold colour. I do plan on having a very small amount of the beach sand on the bottom, not really enough for customs to notice.

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    The one I bought is like a shadow box frame that will contain the sand and a 5 x 7 picture, it looks like it wouldn't spill when closed, we'll see . We plan to buy some colored sand online or from a craft store.

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