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    Default CTI December 2010 Review

    Hello to all out there,
    I'm just getting around to posting a review for my trip to CTI in December 2010, but better late than never right?
    I took a trip there with my fiance and 26 other people to get married on New Year's Eve and if I had it to do over again I wouldn't change ONE THING!
    Everything was absolutely wonderful from beginning to the sad end of returning home. The resort is on a smaller scale but very nice and very clean.
    The staff is wonderful, you are greeted with cool towels and drinks when you first arrive. They really take the time to get to know you and it always amazed me how they would remember our names and always give us a shout out. Speaking of shout outs I'd like to say Hi to Byron, Andre, Jamie, Captain Jack, Delan, Otis, Matthew and Kaleeul, thanks for making our stay so perfect and we'll see you again I'm sure of it!
    The restaurants are all so good with 5 star food, I recommend trying to get in at Eight Rivers and Bayside for sure. The sweet potato chips at the vege bar are soooo good and the buffet is always on the mark. There is no shortage of rum drinks or Red Stripe, my favorite drink was by far a Jamaican Smile The rooms are cleaned everday and the housekeeping staff is great too.
    The wedding was perfect, a little windy that day but you can't control that. LaToya was wonderful she made sure everything was perfect and it really was! We had an outside photographer who was also wonderful, Brian Nejedly who lives there in Jamaica. Very professional and attentive, reasonable, and takes amazing moment capturing shots. The first time I saw my wedding pictures I cried, I can't describe the feeling I get when I look at them, they are that good!
    I know my review is pretty vague but I can't begin to describe what this trip meant to us and how perfect it was. I would and will be going back to this resort again and I would like to thank all at CTI who made my first trip to Jamaica and my wedding so memorable!!
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    Congratulations! What a beautiful couple you are. Love the dress.

    We were there on New Year's Eve.
    Is this your group? I took it from our 1st floor balcony on Dec. 31, so I'm guessing maybe it is.
    If so, I am so sorry I didn't get better group photos for you. That would've been fun. I was just taking the photo as a wonderful spot for a wedding type shot.

    That's it... from now on when I see a Couples wedding I am taking photos (form a respectful distance of course) and posting them here.

    I am partial to Couples weddings because we had ours at CSA in 2008. So I know what you're saying.
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    Me again...
    I went back and zoomed in the photo and it is you!
    What a small world.
    Too bad we weren't up and over a bit more. I would've got a much better shot.
    Oh well... It sounds like you have tons of great photos
    Again, congrats!
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    So great to read your review. What a beautiful photo! We are getting married at CTI later this year. So excited!

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    Beautiful picture. I'm so glad you enjoyed your wedding/Couples trip. Congratulations!

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    That is so cool that you watched our wedding and got pics of it, thank you for sharing! I waited over 6 years for that day and it was perfect, can't wait to get back there!

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    CTI will always be special for you, as CSA is for us (although we loved the other Couples resorts too). I can hardly wait to get back to CSA.
    I love weddings at Couples. We met a really sweet couple who got married just a couple days before you. We got to know them a bit and they invited us to their wedding. So of course we went. There's just something magical about a Couples wedding

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    I'm so glad to see pics from Brian here. We're considering hiring him to do our weddingin 2012 and I wanted to see if anyone else had used him. Congrats!

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