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    Default lobster night questions... are we out of luck

    We have an sr coming up mar 23. We arrive on a wed. Is lobster night wed at all the resorts. If all goes according to plan we should be at the resort around 4ish... way to late to make reservations anywhere so do we miss out on the lobster? Depending what resort we get (all signs point to css) is it available at the grill? Or just the nicer restaurants? Thanks for you input! 27 DAYS AND COUNTING!!!!!!

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    You are out of luck. Sorry! Lobster is out of season from April 1 through The end of June.

    Edited to add:
    When I read the original post I thought it said May, but now I see it said "Mar". Sorry for my misread there! Ignore my post since it has no bearing on the question.
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    At CSA they had some sort of lobster dish at all the restaurants so I assume it's the same at all of them. I don't know what night they do lobster at all of them though or if it is the same night at all of them.

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    Default Lobster Night


    We were in the same situation this past February(arriving at CSS on a Wednesday afternoon). We simply sent them a message through the the couples "contact" page and they emailed us back asking us which restaurant we'd like, what time and indoor or outdoor seating.

    We ended up with a great lobster dinner outside at Casnova on our first night... a good way to kick off the week. (special thanks to Margaret who made our reservation for us)


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    Oops... Should wear my glasses! I thought it said May instead of Mar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melody View Post
    At CSA they had some sort of lobster dish at all the restaurants ...
    CN also has lobster available at all restaurants on their "lobster night" and I believe that to be true for all 4 Couples resorts.

    ("lobster night" is Friday for CN).

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    Lobster night is Friday night @ CTI

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    Just returned from CN lobster night is Friday at CN and lobster was available at all the restaurants. No need to make reservations we ate at the Grill. Delicious and enjoy. You can also go to CSS page and find out what night is lobster night.

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    no worries lobster is available at all the places even the non reservation ones, we even lucked out and got lobster the next night too as there was some left over!! Make sure you ask for it though, there were not up front in offering it the first week we were there.

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    Lobster night at CSA is Saturday night.

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    At CSS just so happens my fav restaurant to get lobster on Wed lobster night is Bella Vista because they usually grill it there my favorite way to have it. Same goes for CSA on Sat night at the Palms. Both no reservations needed!
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