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    Default Question about wildlife

    The beach looks beautiful. Has anyone seen any wildlife at the beach? Also I heard about Giant crabs behind some of the older buildings. I'm really interested in them. If I wanted to see them when is the best time to do so and where?

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    Which resort?

    We don't see much wildlife on the beach at any resort, unless you count ants or bees. We saw (and were stung by) jellyfish at CN. Off the beach, we've seen lizards at all the resorts, crabs and various birds (including ducks) at CSS, and we glimpsed dolphins on the catamaran cruise at CN.

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    At CSA I saw the following: cats, stingrays, lemonfish, tang, and giant crabs both in and out of the water. One lived by our building and you could hear him walking the sidewalks at night. There were also 2 that lived under the blowup volleyball net in the ocean. If you have some goggles you should take them out there. Beautiful fish live under the volleyball net where it is anchored.

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    a lot of great birds..and a mongoose at css

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    We saw sting rays, star fish, and crabs at CSA.

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    Right. Sorry, I meant CSA. How big are these Giant crabs? Which building were they near. Night or day spotting. Love animals. Any jelly fish, Where were the stingray.

    Also did anyone see the crocs at Black river tour?(I think that is what it is called)

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    There was a large crab in the Great House lobby last summer. He apparently wandered in during the night and he caused quite a ruckus till they chased him out with a broom. We have seen crabs on the walkway at night crawling either out to the beach or in from the water, not sure which direction they were headed. Lizards are pretty common, small geckos mostly. Interesting birds, but something I have noticed is not many seagulls. Not sure why. Stingray in the water last summer in the swimming area. He cruised around for about 15 minutes and drew a crowd, then headed out to sea. Lots of fish to see when snorkeling.

    Not truly "wild life" but there are always a few cats on the properties. You can spot them on empty verandahs during the day, usually napping. Sometimes you see them at night, prowling about and probably hunting something or other. There also used to be a three legged dog that appeared to live on the beach. I would often see him napping in the shade or looking for handouts or belly rubs from guests all up and down Seven Mile beach. Haven't seen him or heard of anyone else spotting him for a couple of years. I often envied the "dogs life" he was living.

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    One night my husband decides to leave our balcony door open on a first floor room at CSA and we had a very LARGE land crab wander into the room, I discoverd him in the bathroomabout 2am, very intersting to say the least!

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