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    Default Rose Hall Excursions

    Are there any Rose Hall excursions from CSA? What's the best way to see this site? booked CSA 5/21-5/29/2011.

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    We hired a private driver for the day through the resort. Cost was $250 for the car and driver, plus the cost of admission fees. The Great House was about $20 each, I believe.
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    We were at CSA this past Jan. and took a day to play White Witch golf course then do a tour of Rose Hall Great House.
    We hired a private driver for the day. Cost was $130 + tip and he stayed with us the whole day.
    We talked to the tour desk at CSA and the woman was very helpful but you will do much better hiring privately.

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    By the way we loved the tour! Well worth it although if you are traveling that far (about 3 hours round trip), I would recommend doing other things in the area as well to make it worthy your time.

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    Do they offer any type of ghost tour at Rose Hall? My husband loves paranormal stuff and has mentioned the White Witch several times.

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