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    Default Please help!!!! Need bouquet advice!

    Can anyone please tell me how was your experience with picking out your bouquet?

    Did you bring one from home?

    Did you work with a travel agent or email Debbie how you wanted your bouquet to be?

    Did you wait until you got to the resort to pick your bouquet? Where you satisfied with your bouquet?

    I am a very picky person when it comes down to certain things, and this is one of the most important days of my life and I want things to be as close to perfect that I can imagine, and I just want to make sure that my bouquet is nice. I have emailed Debbie asking if they had certain flowers and received some quotes on bouquets that I have emailed to her, but I would like to know which is the best way to go about it and how was your experience. I know that this may seem a little petty...I really am not trying to be petty but this bouquet picking is making me really anxious,panicky,nervous and I am getting stressed just thinking about it. PLEASE HELP!!

    Simply Marv3lous

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    I'm going to pick one once I get there, but I do have some ideas based on the pictures from the Couples website. Have you seen the ones they already have prices on. Here is the link if you haven't. Scroll down to where it says flower options, click on the pics and it will give you the price on the bottom of the pic. :O)

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    I emailed Debbie some pictures of ones I wanted and the quotes she got for me were in my opinion utterly RIDICULOUS!!! I sent her 4 pictures of bouquets I liked and the cheapest was $130, the most expensive was $245. Not in my budget. So I am also waiting to get to the resort and see what others they have to offer. I'm sure it will all be fine.

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    I also sent Debbie a pic of a bouquet I liked and the price was very high. So I went with Real Touch flower bouquets, etc

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    I just looked online at the floral arrangement, and I'm not impressed AT ALL (not even with the upgrades). Excuse me for being frank... but they are all hideous! I think I will make my own. What's one more suitcase, right?

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    I went to the web site real touch and OMG they are BOOKED already till SEPT for weddings so I couldnt order one, guess there are alot of brides using them. =(

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    If you look at some of the real pics from brides they are nice and when I asked them how much they mostly said 30 or 40 bucks for an upgrade. Even on You tube their flowers look beautiful, but than again you cannot bring them home with you so, maybe fake flowers would be better as a keep sake. Who knows.

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    I upgraded to the $50 bouquet and I liked it! I did expect it to be a little larger for 50 but i was happy

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    From the pics I've seen on the boards, not every bride goes with what's exactly on the website. Debbie explained that you can let them know what your budget is and they take care of the rest and make something up for you. I think my bouquet is important and all, I love flowers, but I'm not stressing out over it. Although I want everything to be perfect on the big day, I maintain the mindset that this celebration is only one day, I'll have my man forever
    I'm sure everything will be fine girls!!!!

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    @ klmurphy2005: Thanks for the link to the bouquets on the website. The link was some help. I know that I can upgrade the bouquet but I would like to know what my options are. Ex: names and colors of other flowers that can be used besides the one on the website.

    @ NegrilBride27: I also submitted some photos of bouquets that I liked to Debbie and some of the quotes were kind of pricey. Also, I didn't know that know that you can't take the bouquet back with you. In that case I think I want to just bring my own. I need to at least have a decent bouquet that I like though. I personally don't want a ugly bouquet or something I don't like in my wedding pics that I will be looking at for the rest of my life. That would SUCK! Plus I like to get my money worth. If I am paying for something I have to at least like it. The closer the wedding get the more nervous I get because I somewhat know what to expect but not really. I am so happy to have a fiancee that is very patient. Just talking about him makes me .

    @SunStarsMoon: I have been looking into other websites to see if they have real touch flowers and how long it will take for me to get them and when is the deadline for me to order. Too bad I can't bring the wonderful fresh flowers from Jamaica home. I know they will die within 2 days but it would be nice to just have them. Have you gotten married yet? If so, how did you pack your bouquet? Did you have it packed in a checked bag or did you have it in your garment bag with your dress?

    @ tiffersfrye: How will you take your bouquet to Jamaica? Are you going to have it in a checked bag, or are you putting it in a garment bag? I am really thinking about just taking a bouquet now but I have no idea exactly how it is going to get there without getting messed up or squished.

    @ Janeinpenn: I noticed that there was a thread on the MB called "Show us your bouquet" which was somewhat helpful. There weren't that many brides that posted their bouquet so.... it was somewhat helpful. Now that I think about it...I do want to have a keepsake of my wedding besides looking at pictures.

    @ JennyBenny: I would love to see what your bouquet looked like. Could you post a pic or email me at of it? Did you miss your bouquet after you left since you couldn't take them home with you? Do you wish you would've went with RealTouch Flowers instead?

    Thank you ladies for being so helpful. You have no idea how much this has helped me.


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    I decided to make one and plan to just put it at the bottom of my gown bag. And it only cost like $15. I figure if I like theirs, I will use it, if not, I know I like mine.
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    Personally I don't care about the flowers... I am going to get an upgraded bouquet at the resort and something REALLY basic if any flowers at all for the BM's. Just not important to me.

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    Can you even take your flowers home as a keepsake?

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    KimandTim - love the bouquet that you made I can not tell the difference. Excellent job!

    SimplyMarv3lous - My wedding is not until July. I will either put the bouquet in my carry-on or the bottom of my dress bag. It depends how big the box is that they are packed in.

    Kelcan - I am pretty sure you are not allowed to bring real flowers home from any island. BUT that being said I had gotten some flowers when I was in Cuba and I did take a few of them home in my suitcase.

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    Kim......that is so pretty! :O)

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    So...when you don't know something you ask questions right? RIGHT!!! So I asked if I could take my bouquet from Jamaica back with me to the states and the answer is NO. You can NOT take real flowers back to the states.

    This is my first time being out of the states so YES I AM A NEWBIE to this. So... I guess I am going to bring my own bouquet that way I can take it back with me and keep it as a keepsake so that one day I can share it with my kids whenever I have some and when they grow up. Thank you everyone sooo much for all of your input. It was very helpful!!

    By the way the bouquet you made. Good job!!!


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    Are those just regular silk flowers or did you go with real touch or velvet? I think I am going to make my own to save the upgrade fee and to make sure I have the specific colors I want. Thanks!

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    Hi! Do not worry AT ALL about the flowers! There is an absolutely amazing selection of flowers. I waited until I got there and then I chose the one you will see in the photos in the below link. I believe they were approx $65. Worth every penny as they decorated the cake accordingly and the colors were outstanding. I LOVED them...roses, orchids, etc. They have a ton of colors and choices and you will be able to find something you love. I don't believe price should even be an object as they were one of my favorite things about the day and the mood! Congrats & good luck!

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    I'm looking forward to seeing all the bouquets the resort has to offer. I know I will find something I like Can't wait to get there ...79 more days to go!!!!!

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    love the flowers and thanks for sharing your pic's their great!
    who was the photographer? They are awsome and you look so happy, congrats.

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    Which resort did you get married at?

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    I am getting married at css in may and chose to have mine made due to certain flower allergies. nothing like your wedding photos with a horrible digusting rash to match my bouquet. I also read you can not bring them back with you, so for me it was easier to have them done and carry them in my carry on with my wedding dress. we found the most realist at hobby lobby and michaels but it depends on the area you live in too.

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    I'm starting to get really exciting now. My countdown is at 60 days
    I was really considering a real touch bouquet, but everyone is booked til after June. I hate the fact that I can't take the flowers home with me though. Maybe I'l sneak and flatten in a book I bring or something.

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    I upgraded to a 30.00 bouquet and it was beautiful. red, orange, yellow, pink and fushia. I brought my own ribbon for them to use. They did a beautiful job. You have to remember that some of the flowers are not always available, so you do have to be a little flexible. However, if you feel that won't do, I would strongly suggest you have it made in your home town and bring it with you. You can pack it with tissue and bring in a carry on. OR, have the person making it pack it in a box for you to pack. Then you will have it done ahead of time and one less thing to worry about when you get there. Enjoy yourself as much as possible, it is such a beautiful place and a short time to miss anything.

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    Default Bouquet Upgrade

    Here are some pictures of my bouquet which i think was a $50 upgrade...I was so happy with it I would have loved to be able to take it home but I have the memories and pictures to remind me :-). Couples really are great and will be able to make almost any flower / bouquet combo you want. My flower options were not in the book but I explained what I wanted and they made it happen!
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