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    I am thinking about doing trash the dress pictures when I'm at CSS this December but I'm concerned about ruining my dress as I have a reception and pictures back home when I return. I read in one thread that trash the dress pictures actually do not ruin the dress and that they can be cleaned at the resort for $50 but my question is does the type of fabric matter, can it ruin some fabrics or not?

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    Almost 2 years ago here at home I did trash the dress on a beach and I didnt hold back. I was diving to the bottom rolling in sand, you name it I did it with the dress on. Mine was a heavy satin (i think) had lace and plenty of bead work 3/4 down on the dress, please keep in mine the dress can get very very heavy when wet so be careful and expect to land on your bottom but have fun with it. My cleaning bill was over $150 but that was standered here and you could not tell at all what I put the dress through, not one grain of sand or yellow line from the water and all beads still attached. Not sure if salt water would be different but that would be my concern, and they would have to start cleaning that day or the next. You take a risk but the pictures will last a lifetime, I say go for it.

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    You can probably google the type of fabric in your dress and see what it says! I am just getting a cheap white dress to do TDD pictures in! I also have a reception back home as well! Good luck!
    Becky & Dave
    CSS July 2012 (Wedding @ CSS 7.18.12)
    CN July 2012

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    I don't think silk would hold up, but I really dont know. I think if you rinse it really well after and hang to dry in the room. It should be okay until you can get it home to dry clean it.

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    The CSS laundry service returned my dress good as new the next day . It was a simple cotton jersey Grecian style dress . My husband's linen suit was not so lucky . The laundry refused to take it as they did not want the liability but we advised them to dry it out , shake off the sand and we would accept whatever they could do . It came back with quite a few patchy areas but I think will be wearable though definitely not good as new . We really wish we had remembered to take chino shorts down to the beach for the photos and not trashed the suit .
    We think the photos are worth it , whatever the outcome . It is a once in a lifetime thing , so if you go with that attitude then you will have no regrets . Good luck and enjoy it !

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    I recently did a trash the dress session at CTI. It was so much fun and would highy recommend it. My dress was a chiffon fabric with lots of beading. Right after the photos I went in the shower with it and rinsed all the sand out and hung it to dry on our balcony. We had it cleaned at home and it's as good as new. I would just make sure you rinse all the salt water + sand off.

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    We've booked our trash the dress session with Stacey Clarke!!! I'm so excited they seem to be the best pictures!!! Sept 2012 is too far away. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my dress after. But I'm not too concerned about it. I suppose I'll have it cleaned at CSA!

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