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    Default different alcoholic shots

    Okay I've seen a couples of different shots on the board...mainly the Bob Marley and the Duck Fart.

    Can someone inform me whats in each of these?

    Also what other different shots have others experienced? There will be two other couples joining us at CSA in August & thinking of maybe having a "shot of the day" if we can come up with 7.

    Post photos of these shots if you have them.


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    my hubby loves order us girls back home a round of "blowjobs" served in lil pony glasses and of course as all the ladies know it is required to drink them with no hands
    ps they taste sooo yummy like chocolate cake

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    You want to limit the consumption of the Bob Marley or you'll fly home without the plane.

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    Alternate to that Bob (a.k.a. the CTI Bob)

    Gran Marnier
    Creme de Menthe

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    A duck fart is Kahlua, Bailey's Irish Cream, and Crown Royal.

    Also try:

    Kamakazi- Vodka, Triple-sec, lime

    Chocolate cake- Hazelnut liqueur(Frangelico), Vodka, sugar on the rim

    And my personal favorite, the Mind Eraser- Into a glass full of ice, pour one oz. Kahlua, one oz. vodka, and top with soda water, DO NOT STIR. Put in a straw and suck it all down.

    Hope this helps (to create a hangover)!!

    5 days til CSA!!!!!!!!!

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    Oh my. Fly home without the plane is right! LOL

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    TThanks for the suggestions....... only one shot a day for me or that would be the end of my day.

    19 days to go!!!!!!!

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    Mind erasers are very good, not sure if you can get them in jamaica but one of my favorites is a washington apple. Crown royal and apple pucker liquor.

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    I can attest to the fact that mind erasers really do work. Especially after a few Long Island Ice Teas (my favorite drink of all).

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    You have to try a Bob Marley, but it will most likely be the last one you will want.
    Irie Mon

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    Here are a couple of my favs-

    Buttery Nipple-
    •1 oz buttershots liqueur
    •1/2 oz Irish cream liqueur

    •1/2 oz crème de menthe, green
    •1/2 oz light cream
    •1/2 oz crème de cacao

    But my all time fave is the Bob Marley!

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    Default My favorite...

    OK, grab a writing utensil and a scrap of paper. This one is easy to forget. This is the only drink I order at the bar.

    To make: pour 3oz of Jack Daniels into a rocks glass. Done.

    To order: "Double Jack Daniels neat, please."

    Pace yourself with a couple beers in between each one and all is goooood.

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    Default Smoking Bob marley's

    The bartender set my husband's Bob Marley on fire & then my husband drank it from a straw while on fire. About 15 mins later my husband took off his clothes & jumped in the pool in his underware. He said he was burning up. I think it was the Bob Marley.

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    That is hysterical!!! We did two regular Bob Marleys and the third one was on thing I knew I was waking up in the room!!!

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    Equal Parts...Bailey's, Goldschlager and Buttershots
    Splash of...Jagermeister

    Shake with Ice, strain into shot glass and enjoy.

    This really does taste like an oatmeal cookie, the beauty of this drink is you can make as much as the shaker will hold if making multiple shooters.

    But this is a board about Jamaica and I would be remiss if I did not speak up for...RUM CREAM, Lillyfields with a Sangsters floater

    114 Days 'til RUM CREAM all I want...

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    Not a shot, but my favoite is Miami Vice...aka "pain in the ass". Half strawberry daquiri and half pina colada with a topper of dark rum!!!!!!

    Can't wait...175 days

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    [QUOTE=DrewandDanielle;165881]Not a shot, but my favoite is Miami Vice...aka "pain in the ass". Half strawberry daquiri and half pina colada with a topper of dark rum!!!!!!

    Can't wait...175 days[/QU
    Afraid to ask, but why 'pain in the A'?!

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    I agree. I did 5 Bob Marley's in one day with Red Stripe chasers. Passed out on the cat boat. Oh well......

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    Klfhngr - the bartenders called it that because it's a pain in the ass to make! LOL

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