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    Went here to put my sweet man's ashes in the ocean and it was a very bittersweet trip... But... Everyone took care of me so I was doing pretty good. The resort sent me flowers to my room and just catered to me the whole time we were there. So many understanding people. They even shed tears with me. amazing. And the day we did the ashes was very special. They provided a boat and everything. But the highlight was when I was sitting all alone on the beach around 10 pm and saluted my sweet man with a beer.. a shooting star came right over my head and looked like it landed in the ocean!!!!. sweet

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    wow...very cool! gb you...
    I had told hubby that I wanted the same mom wasn't going for

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    With tears in my eyes as I read this ... What a special tribute.

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    What a really huge thing to do - I am so glad that you were able to take this part of your life to a degree of fulfillment in this way. I don't suppose closure would be the right word, but maybe closure to the grief we have sadly watched you work through over the last few years.

    I am not surprised that CN looked after you so well, and am very happy that you found the strength to celebrate your relationship in such a beautiful manner. I pray that you can add this star into your memories and carry on knowing you have been greatly blessed.

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    I have tears in my eyes as I read this! The shooting star is amazing. I lost my 2 1/2 year old daughter just 3 years ago and I love to get those signs. They are few and far between and you have to look for them, but they are amazing when you do get them.

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    Kim, Couples is wonderful and glad to hear they were such a big help at such a difficult time. What a great idea and I"m sure that was Hubby's way of toasting you back!

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    Dang it, I have something in my eye.

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    Lovely...God bless you!

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    Real men don't cry....guess I'm not a real man...

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you..

    John and Cheryl Ann

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    Aw how wonderful. Bless your heart. The shooting star was him saying hi
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    Default Need prayers

    Thank you all for such kind and caring words. You have no idea how much these responses mean to me. I'm so grateful for all my couples friends that care so deeply....Truely amazes me... One Love... Kim Robinson

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    From one widow to another... my thoughts and tears are with you. Bless you for your beautiful moments. <3

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    I love all the responses I have received!! So amazing that grown men do cry!! My husband wasn't afraid to shed tears. I will live through all these wonderful posts on Thanks again to everyone!!! You are all so sweet and kind. March 27th wil be 2 years since my sweet man's passing.. Hope to make it through ok. I'm sure there will be tears and sadness... and then I will think of all of you and get a smile on my face.. One Love... Kim Robinson

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