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Thread: Diet Ting?

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    Default Diet Ting?

    Does anyone know if Couples has diet Ting? I have heard there is a diet version. Also, does Ting have caffeine?

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    It does exist, but I don't recall it or Pink Ting at CTI.

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    I would love that. *hey powers that be, hear my plea. Stock the bars with diet drinks*.

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    Sure would love to have some Diet Ting at CSS! It would be nice to have some at home, too... Might make the waiting a little easier.

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    Diet Ting would be awesome!

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    If at home may I suggest "FRESCA" is made by coca cola and widely available everywhere...basically, a diet ting...we can also get "squirt" here in FL..which is not diet, but very close to ting
    The sun & the sand & a drink in my hand, with no bottom

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    By the way, Ting does not have caffiene. There are some grapefruit sodas that will be a similar flavor but nothing is quite like the real thing. There is a diet squirt...what's up in Florida? Squirt, and frankly any other I've tasted, is much sweeter than Ting. Ting has a more grapefruit tartness to it than it's counterparts. Just nothin' quite like it.

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    Ting is also available in the States, you just have to have a keen eye...or a Kroger. (also Jamaican restaurants, Hispanic Tiendas, etc)

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    It is available in the US but rather randomly. We have a specialty soda and candy store called Rocket Fizz that carries it but no place else I've looked has it and we live in a big city. Some folks say they can't get it in their area at all. You can order it online, I found it once there before I discovered it at Rocket Fizz.

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